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Make Brian's wish come true.

Day 12

Congratulations to Brian for getting through to the semi final of the show on Saturday evening. The show on Wednesday evening was very reminiscent of Big Brother as Fáilte Towers had a special delivery of some live chickens. Brian and Don were asked to collect the new delivery, and with Brian not having a clue as to what awaited him, he was shocked at the sight that greeted him, a field with dozens of  chickens running and flapping around. Brian told Don of the fear he had of birds, their flapping wings and claws. I know most Brian fans will have heard him relate on a number of occasions his pigeon story, so know the fear he has of birds.  Knowing Brian's fear Don chased him around Fáilte Towers with one of the chickens, reminiscent of a Benny Hill sketch, eventually trapping him in the dining room. At which point Brian threw himself to the floor dragging down Jennifer with him as protection.  Don proceeded to stand the chicken on Brian's head, there was much squealing, and breathlessness from Brian until Jennifer told Don enough was enough. On getting up from the floor Brian told Jennifer that it was the claws he disliked, as they reminded him of Jurassic Park.
That wasn't the end of it for Brian as a few minutes later he was asked to remove one of the dreaded lobsters from the tank to be cooked. He bravely took on the task, and even though disliking the sea creature immensely, felt sorry that it was going to cooked and thought they should say some words before it met it's death in a pan of boiling water. After the lobster was cooked and dissected by Sean, Brian proclaimed he would never be able to feel the same watching The Little Mermaid.
Another highlight of the show on Wednesday was a massive row. Starting with Sean and John forcefully removing the crew from filming a tearful Michelle, Jennifer got embroiled into the row by saying that Michelle was just tired, Sean didn't agree with this and started to trade heated words with Jennifer. As it started to reach boiling point Brian intervened, saying that he thought that they shouldn't all be turning on one another.  Later in the show Michelle had a row with Don over how long he took over his breakfast, saying he should have been 5minutes but had taken 30minutes.
It was a shock to find Sean in the bottom three with Michelle and Jennifer, as each night he had constantly been the one sent back to work first. Michelle was saved by the mercy card from Derry and when it came to the vote Sean was the one sent home with Jennifer being the one sent back to work. 
Now it is coming to crunch time with the semi final on Saturday night 16th August. We know that Brian would love to be in the final not only for himself as he always gives 100% to everything that is thrown at him, but mainly because the longer he stays the more he earns for his charity The Make a Wish Foundation Ireland.
Please keep the votes rolling in for Brian so that he makes it to the Final on Sunday.

ROI Call: 1513 71 71 12 or

Text VOTE12 TO 53125

NI/UK call 09016 565 812

Please remember you can vote for Brian from the UK by ringing the Northern Ireland number.

14 Aug 2008 by christine

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