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» Brian in the bottom 3 tonight! Please Vote!
Day 11
It was a shock to find Brian in the bottom three for votes tonight along with Michelle Heaton and Donna & Joe. The three of them heading into the Oliver Plunkett room to face the judges.
Giving an overall view of the bottom three judge Sammy Leslie said that they were all working hard and had reached a stage where it was difficult for the judges to start picking them off one by one. Judge Derry Clarke said this was a night he dreaded as he had 4 people in from of him who he wanted to stay. To Brian he said 'the first day you arrived you got stuck into it, you haven't moaned, groaned or complained and everything you have done you have done really well.' Bibi Baskin said 'Brian I just can't believe you are here.'
It was then the time for the celebrities to plead their case. Brian said .."I don't really know what to say. I have had a great time,  I think I have done really well. We had the fake wedding as manager I thought I handled that fantastically I think..I was head chef for two days with no complaints and I am head chef again today.I am really enjoying it, I have had a great time, and if I have to go then I'll have no problem."
It was then passed to Sammy to hand out the mercy vote to the person she thought should go back to work.  She said 'I am in this lucky position of having to save someone and it is a tough call, but this one person to me could actually go quite far in business if they wanted to, and to make their wish come true the person I am saving tonight is going to be Brian.' Brian looked shocked and said 'Oh good god! Thank you so much! Oh God! Thank you!' and with that he returned to work. Derry opted to check out Donna and Joe Sammy opted for Michelle to go and Bibi with her deciding vote and voted out Donna and Joe.
The next eviction is on Wednesday night 13th August and Brian really does need your votes to take him out of the bottom three to allow him to continue until the weekend..

ROI Call: 1513 71 71 12 or

Text VOTE12 TO 53125

NI/UK call 09016 565 812

Please remember you can vote for Brian from the UK by ringing the Northern Ireland number.
13 Aug 2008 by christine
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