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Support Brian and his Charity!

Well done to Brian! He has survived a week in Fáilte Towers where he has worked in the bar, kitchen, reception and spent 2 days as manager. He has been professional, diligent, compassionate and above all entertaining throughout the whole week. By doing this Brian has raised valuable funds for his charity The Make A Wish Foundation Ireland, a charity that has one aim to grant the wishes of children aged between 3 and 18 years living with a life-threatening illness. The charity enables children who are granted wishes to have a dream come true that they can share with their close family, a day that will long live in the memory of all the family. By voting for Brian in Fáilte Towers you are helping to give these very special children a magical experience by granting their wish.
Here are the numbers to ring or text.

ROI Call: 1513 71 71 12 or

Text VOTE12 TO 53125

NI/UK call 09016 565 812

Day 7/8

New manager of Fáilte Towers Brian had the unenviable task of choosing 3 people to send for a day of pampering to a luxury hotel. He was given the option to take up one of the places himself but said as manager he thought he should stay, and sent Don, Jennifer and Evelyn for a chance to recuperate and have a day spent in luxury. With the remainder of the staff having a day off from work Brian, Donna, Michelle and Joe head for the village, calling at the bookmakers to check on their betting odds, calling at the local supermarket, where Brian offered to man the till for them, and finally stopping off at the local pub.

The next day it was back to work, and it was a very busy day looming for Brian with a wedding to co-ordinate, which he did very efficiently with the help of his staff.  However there was a small mishap when Joe accidentally spilling a glass of red wine on the bride's dress. Brian informed the bride and her mother that Michelle had kindly offered the bride the loan of one of her dresses for the remainder of the evening, whereupon the brides mother declined saying she didn't want her daughter wearing a slapperish dress. Brian was indignant at this remark and politely but forcefully told the mother he wouldn't have one of his staff spoken about in that way. However all was revealed the following morning when the celebrities realised it wasn't a real wedding but a fake one with actors and actresses. One of the celebrities Evelyn didn't take kindly to the duplicity and down tools refusing to serve breakfast to the guests, so other members of the staff took over the role.

In the bottom three were Michelle, Donna and Joe and Patricia.  Donna and Joe were saved with the wild card, and Michelle saved in the vote with Patricia leaving.


Day 9/10

Brian's second day as manager brought the shock of  judge Derry checking in for the night. Everyone was on alert and fortunately he didn't seem to be able to find any fault with the accommodation offered. Later Brian was dealing with a difficult customer in the dining room who was constantly finding fault with the food he ordered. Michelle was getting stressed in the kitchen and threatened to leave when a salmon cake mixture disappeared. It was then revealed that the difficult customer was in fact Michelle's boyfriend. Brian led a very worried and unaware Michelle to the restaurant to meet who she thought was an angry diner to find her boyfriend there to give her a hug.

In the celebrity lounge they found they had some new guests, two tanks of lobsters. Sean thought it was fun to remove one of the live lobsters and chase Brian around the room eventually putting the fishing smelling creature on Brian's head much to his disgust.

At 2.30am there was another surprise for the guest with the fire alarm going off, supposedly set off by one young male guest. Brian was however very perturbed when they were all assembled and told the reason for the alarm, as nobody had listened to him saying that there was a child in one of the rooms that could have been very scared.

It was announced the following day that there would be a new manager helping out, much to the disappointment of Jennifer and Brian it wasn't a hunky new man but judge Gerry who was going to take over the role. After a dispute with John over the servicing of a room there was a staff meeting called where John, Gerry and once again Don had words, at the end it was announced that Evelyn would take over as manager next.

In the bottom three for voting were Don, Evelyn and Jennifer, after pleading their case, which found Don on his knees begging to be kept on the show, Jennifer was saved with the wild card. Finally with 2 votes to one Evelyn was the one to leave.

Lines are open again for voting with the next person leaving on the show on Tuesday evening 12th Aug.


12 Aug 2008 by christine

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