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Receptionist Brian

Show 4 Day 6
Brian again spent the day running reception. He was greeted by a rush of guests arriving early with very few rooms ready for occupancy. The first were a middle aged couple, fortunately their room was ready. However on showing them to their room they said they were disappointed in the size of the bed. Brian tried to convince them that it was actually a double but as his words didn't work, he proceeded to show them by lying on the bed with the wife more than eager to join him. Not to be left out the husband then jumped on the bed for what looked like a three in a bed romp with the wife pinning Brian to the bed, however he was saved by the bell literally, with new guest pinging the one in reception. The guests arrived thick and fast with Brian having to use his skills to placate them while he calmly yet industriously searched for rooms that were ready. The final guest to check in was quite a shock as it was a hotel inspector coming to stay for 24hours, Brian did ask joking if he could be bribed but it was to no avail
Day 6 was a day of tears and rows with Brian showing a great deal of compassion and support to his fellow celebs. First there were tears from Michelle over a comment made by Liz, then both Joe and Donna had tearful moments about having to work in the kitchen. However these paled in comparison to the row that occurred between Don who was manager for the day, and the male judge Derry Clarke, over refusing to provide lunches for the guests. Things started to get out of control between the two and Brian was seen restraining Don, trying to calm him down.
The food preparation seems to be a huge issue with the celebrities and when a change of menu happened Joe went to Brian for some guidance as to how it could be implemented, however the kitchen still struggled with the dinner service.
It was once again an anxious time watching who was going back to work and who was going to face the judges. You could see how anxious Brian was holding his stomach while the names were called, but once again Brian was sent back to work. The bottom three this time were a very tearful Jennifer for the third night running, Don and Liz. Jennifer was saved with the wild card, but both Don and Liz had words once again with the judges. Much to his surprise after the events of the day Don was given the vote to go back to work and Liz left the show.
The voting lines are open again and the next show and eviction are on Saturday Aug 9th.

08 Aug 2008 by christine

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