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"So You Want to be Famous?" RTÉ One- presented by Brian Dowling | Brian Dowling news | Absolutely Brian
» "So You Want to be Famous?" RTÉ One- presented by Brian Dowling

Brian is presenting "So You Want To Be Famous?" a three part documentary series to be aired on RTÉ One. The series gives an indepth look into the celebrity culture in Ireland.

The series starts on Thursday Jan 24th at 10.15pm-11-05pm on RTÉ One and runs for the 3 weeks.

From the RTE TV website:


So You Want to be Famous?

This intelligent, entertaining and revealing 3-part popular documentary series, from producers of ‘So You Want to be Taoiseach’, is the ultimate insiders’ guide to how to become a celebrity - Irish style. As reveleaded by arich blend of anecdotes, memories, revelations and personal experiences from the cast of A,B,C and Z list celebrities, the ‘has-beens’, ‘never were’s’, journalists and expert commentators can all help you on your way. They blow the whistle on some of the most bizarre journeys to celebrityhood, the decisions, scandals,tricks, stunts, rows, feuds, secret deals and extraordinary characters that colour the Irish social scene. This series is an informative, entertaining and sometimes biting assessment of celebrities and the world of celebrities in Ireland today.

16 Jan 2008 by christine
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