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Cirque- Backstage at the Big Top - Week 6. 16th November 2007 | Brian Dowling news | Absolutely Brian
» Cirque- Backstage at the Big Top - Week 6. 16th November 2007
Brian talks first with Shane about having to leave the show on the Sunday through his injury and the vote for the two new celebrities Liam McGough from BB8 and Rebecca Loos who have joined the Circus. They both performed on the Sunday show but only one will actually join the Circus. Both talked to Brian about their first week on the show and Brian had a quick word with Liam’s fellow BB8 housemates who had come along to support him – Brian, Amanda, Sam and Ziggy, who all expected Liam to win the vote against Rebecca.

Also there was a change in the voting, now the Judges award 50% of the score for the celebrities. The backstage chat this week was with Anne-Claire Schofield – Head trainer for Cirque de Celebrite and an ex circus performer of 12 years. Talking about the discipline in the final week –The Wheel of Death, she went on to explain that she personally knew of 4 fatalities using the apparatus.

Helen from Sky Bets made her second appearance of the show to give the latest betting odds. Kyal and Stacey topping the board with Liam in third place, Rebecca was bottom.

Dressed in a bright red Lycra outfit with white flashes and a red cape Brian tried his hand at the Aeriel Straps. At first being helped by one of the trainers in an adagio Brian was flying through the air to the Superman theme, and even managed the straps on his own and began to really enjoy it.

Brian then spent some time in another Lycra outfit this time in purple a silver, chatting with choreographer Louie Spence about flexibility and fluidity. Louie demonstration how bedny he was and finally showing the viewers how Brian could wrap his legs around his neck, with the help of some false limbs for Brian.

Brian then sadly said goodbye to Dean Holdsworth who was eliminated from the show on the Sunday saying that everyone would miss him.
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