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Cirque- Backstage at the Big Top - Week 5. 9th November 2007 | Brian Dowling news | Absolutely Brian
» Cirque- Backstage at the Big Top - Week 5. 9th November 2007

Tumbling into the show in silver Lycra head to toe. Brian started the show by chatting to one of the judges, choreographer and director Louie Spence. Wearing an over exaggerated copy of Louie’s trade mark Sunday show bow ties Brian asked Louie about his credentials for being a judge, and his views on the competition so far.

Brian’s next chat was with Shane about his recent injury and how his future on the show was in the balance after visiting a specialist. Will he recover from his injury in time for Sunday or will he have to walk away from the competition?

Time then for chats with Isabella and Stacey who talked about their disciplines for the weekend show. Brian’s foray into backstage at the Cirque this week was to visit Gilly Popham the make-up designer on the show. Gilly explained she did the hair and make-up for everyone who appeared on the show, saying the theme for the girls this time had been very Moulin Rouge with lots of elaborate eyelashes. Brian then complained that Luke had been given sparkly false eyelashes to wear but he had been refused, so she went on to explain that it was because Brian gets lots of close-ups on his show.

Brian’s discipline try-out this week was the Russian Swing before showing the footage he gave us a clue “Carpet burns! Pink! Enjoy!” Wearing a shocking pink diamond studded one piece with a black stripe Brian made his first attempt at the swing. Really scared to jump after the swing had been set in motion he just flew off and landed head first off the mat. Take 2 saw him determined to jump but having gone forward not upwards he totally overshot the crash mat ending up face down on the floor. Take 3 was just slightly better still over shooting but he did get some height. It ended with a delightfully funny compilation of his attempts to “I Believe I Can Fly”.

Ritchie Neville who was eliminated the week before was Brian’s final interview on the show. Shocked to have been the person to leave he hoped that Luke would win the Final. However there was some important news at the end of the show. Two new contestants were joining the show and their identities would be revealed on the Sunday.
25 Nov 2007 by christine
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