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Cirque- Backstage at the Big Top - Week 4. 1st November 2007

Another packed show this week that saw Brian interview the two eliminated celebrities Emily and Tamara who said they had become great friends over their time in the circus and were now heading off together on a short holiday.

Brian then highlighted the ongoing rivalry between Kyal and Shane, chatting to them they said that they enjoined the competition as it made them both try harder.

It was then time for Brian once again to don the Lycra to attempt one of this weks disciplines. Wearing a fetching lilac and pink ensemble, Brian tried his hand at the ‘ Aerial Silks’ which according to the trainer were very difficult to master. Brian started the discipline in a ‘cocoon’, and progressed to doing some choreography, and then eventually he climbed up the silk.

Pyrotechnics was the ‘look backstage’ coverage for week 4. Brian asking how dangerous they were, Dave said there was always an element of danger with fire. Brian offered some advice with a code of practise from his airline days. If ever anyone had a problem and caught fire, they should “Drop ‘em, stop em, and roll em!” As he was leaving Brian asked if he could have some pyrotechnics on his show, but sadly all he was offered was a sparkler. Naughty Brian pressing a button on the console as he left the room had a very funny outcome - see photo!

25 Nov 2007 by christine

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