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BREAKING NEWS -Jim walks out of Hell's Kitchen

After threatening to leave the show on numerous occasions Jim Davidson has this time walked out of the door of Hell's Kitchen after making more homophobic comments.

Following the departure of Kelly last night after she received the least vote Jim remarked to Brian and Paul that he thought he’d been given a funny look by a table of diners. saying, “Why do shirt-lifters pull that same face?”

Brian was shocked to hear another homophobic comment from Jim and said "Please don’t say shirt-lifters, it’s really rude.”
“I don’t care,” Jim insisted. "Some gay men have the same look.”
At that point Brian challenged Jim asking, “What look? Do I do have that look?” Jim responded by saying “No, only when you put it on,” “It’s a sort of preen.”

Later that night things came to a head again when Brian asked Jim to explain himself. Even though earlier in the week Jim himself admitted he was 'An homophobic a***hole', he claimed Brian was playing the homophobic card.

Brian asked Jim how he could say that to him when he was sitting right beside him, "I am an equal to you Jim, in everything we have ever done
“Sure that’s what GAY stands for,” Jim sneered. ‘Good As You’. I know that.

“Jim don’t say that,” Brian protested. “Jim, I am Brian not ‘Good As You’. I am an equal to you. You are being really, really horrible to me now …Why can’t I be Brian and you be Jim?”
Abbi and Adele tried to walk Brian away but Brian stood his ground saying“I won’t walk away. I won’t be as Good As You. I will be BTY Better Than You.”

At last Brian may be able to get back to enjoying this final week in the kitchen without being made to feel uncomfortable. They may be a man down in the kitchen but the morale now after his departure should surely compensate. It may not be the Waltons under pressure in the kitchen but at least everyone should now be pulling as a team.

10 Sep 2007 by christine

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