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» And Brian Thought His Biggest Challenge Would Be Learning To Cook!

Fans were enraged last night watching the second edition of Hell's Kitchen after witnessing a heated debate between Brian and fellow team-member Jim Davidson.

Concern arose from fans after Davidson's initial jibes towards Brian's appearance on Big Brother being the initial stepping stone to his successful TV career, however Davidson's cold approach towards Brian took an even more unacceptable turn when he openly admitted to Brian he was a 'homophobic a**ehole.'

The discussion began in the garden area last night, as Jim (who was drinking a glass of wine at the time), if Brian 'wants a beer?', to which Brian replied: "No thank you, I think I'll stick with my juice!"

The conversation moved on to sleeping arrangements to which Jim questioned whose "side" he was sleeping on, after incorrectly presuming he was boarding with the girls. "Are you on our side?", Jim asked. Adele responded in Brian's favour, "Of course he is, why wouldn't he be?". Equally confused by Jim's inquisition Brian also asked: "Why wouldn't I be?" to which Jim rudely responded: "Ooh let me think..." sarcastically in a mimicking tone, which is believed to have been a mock of Brian's voice.

As Brian and Adele attempted to explain the actual dynamic of the sleeping arrangements, Jim went on to question the production teams decision to assign Brian the role of working on the desserts: "Why do you think they have put you on cakes?", asked the 'comedian' insinuating that Brian's sexuality may have been considered when making the decision. "I don't know to be honest, I just think it's because they know I don't have a single clue when it comes to things like this." Brian explained.

In the Wine Cellar, Brian talked in his video diary about how he was confused by Jim's remarks and worried that they were leading him to feel 'over-paranoid.' Talking with Adele later in the evening, she attempted to justify Jim's logic: "I think he might just be old fashioned." To which Brian replied: "I know, I know, but there's old fashioned and... well you know, because of everything, you shouldn't be like that because it can actually be quite upsetting. I'm not upset about it, because you know, it doesn't really happen to me. I mean, it's not a big deal, but I feel that's just ridiculous."

Brian faced further criticism as Jim later questioned his thoughts on why the producers will have chosen Jim and Brian to work together on the same team: "I mean, what do you think, you've done this reality sh*t before, haven't you?" he asked. "Why do you think they would do it - to put me and you together, so you hate me, because I'm a homophobic a**ehole."

"I wouldn't say hate," Brian replied before the discussion came to a close.

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05 Sep 2007 by Joe
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