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Hell's Kitchen Day 1 3.9.2007 | Brian Dowling news | Absolutely Brian
» Hell's Kitchen Day 1 3.9.2007
Brian’s first nervous meeting with the very formidable Pierre Marco White didn’t exactly go smoothly; in fact very few of the new intake of celebrity chefs were greeted warmly by the great man, but Brian came over very polite and respectful.

The new recruits were asked to prepare an eggs dish to assess their culinary skills. Brian was not in any way the only chef to receive scathing remarks, Brian for his effort of an omelette was told it would make a good sponge for mopping up. (Video clip available in our gallery).

Very nervously it was down to business; donning his chef’s whites with blue hat as part of the boys team Brian scanned the menu for the evening. When it came to pig’s trotters Brian asked if he could meet the diners who were prepared to eat “a pig’s foot that had walked around in sh*t”

Brian was assigned to the pudding section and asked to help out any chef that needed him. Both teams managed to serve all the diners in the restaurant and when the Maitre De read out comments from the diners at the end of the night Brian was praised by one for his pudding resulting in a ruffling of his hair by a fellow trainee chef.

All in all it was a good start for Brian, at times you wanted to give him a hug because he looked so scared, but I am sure he will settle down and his confidence grow.

Screenshots from Day1 are now available in our GALLERY

Tonight’s show is at 9pm on ITV1
04 Sep 2007 by christine
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