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Closer Mag 23 May 2006

My Guilty Pleasures
TV's Brian Dowling
Brian Dowling, 27, has come a long way since winning Big Brother five years ago. He has a showbiz slot on Radio 1 with Vernon Kay and hosts The Mint daily on ITV1. Brian has a boyfriend, Arthur, 25, but lives alone in South London.

MUSIC! What's the most tragic CD you own?
I think the worst CD I have is by Six, who won the Irish version of Popstars. They got dropped by their label after one single. I can still remember their dance moves and regularly practise them naked. I love Steps too - but they're not tragic, are they?

TV! If you're on your own, what do you secretly watch on the telly?
Binge Nation, on Bravo. It's about people who drink too much. The show follows them on a night out so they start off sober and end up legless. They drink their weekly quota of alcohol in about 10 minutes. It's so funny - people are vomiting, slurring, falling over and all sorts.

FOOD! What can't you help munching on, even though you know you shouldn't?
Crisps. I can have three packets of Snack-a-Jacks in one sitting. Flamin' Hot Monster Munch are also a firm favourite. And I love crisp sandwiches with prawn cocktail on one side and cheese and onion on the other. Great but soooooo bad for you.

FASHION! Which item in your wardrobe would shock the fashion police?
Well it's not my hotpants or my jockstraps! Probably my skinny jeans. I use them to work out how fat I am. If they fit, then I'm fabulous. If they don't, then I don't discuss the subject until the flab's gone.

CRUSH! Do you have a celebrity crush?
Vernon Kay! I went on holiday with Tess Daly and Vernon recently. I was staring at him quite intensely and Tess said to me: "He's mine, bitch!" so I had to stop. He's so handsome, kind and caring - everything a man should be.

FILMS! What's the cheesiest film you own?
Where shall I start? Dirty Dancing, The Wizard of Oz and Scream. I love The Seed of Chucky too - it's so bad. Titanic and The Bodyguard are fab too - Whitney's hair weave was terrible, bless her!

SPENDING! What did you buy on your last big spending spree?
I took a friend on holiday to Spain. We spent five nights in Barcelona and four in Sitges. It was a lot of money, but it was a cool trip. I'm trying to calm my spending at the minute - I have a penchant for large diamond rings!

BAD HABITS! What's your grubbiest habit?
Sleeping with strangers!!!! Joke. Biting my fingernails when I'm stressed. It's filthy. They're fine at the minute, but when I do bite my nails, I have to go and get a manicure straight away afterwards.

CRINGE! What's your most humiliating experience?
I was dancing in an obscene fashion with Kimberley from Girls Aloud at Funky Buddha when my trousers split. I tried to cover the split up when I left, but a journalist lifted my jacket up and revealed to the paparazzi I had white boxer shorts on underneath my black trousers. It was awful.

HOLS! Where's the tackiest place you've been on holiday?
Gran Canaria. I couldn't just let my belly hand out and relax. It was like being in Soho. Everyone was watching everyone else all the time.

The Mint, daily, times vary, ITV1

08 Aug 2006 by admin

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