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Reveal Magazine 4 May 2006

Brian Dowling

Revealations The Naked Truth

You're one of Britain's campest celebrities, but just how stereotypically gay are you? Do you like musicals?

Let me tell you, I hate musicals! My friend took me to see Les Miserables and it was three hours of sheer hell, I'd never go again.

Let's up the stakes. How about football?

I've actually got into watching the football on TV. I've become a Chelsea fan because they seem to have a lot of fire in their belly. I'd love to actually go down to watch a match, I'd drink loads of cheap lager in the pub and then watch the game in the executive lounge like they do in Footballers' Wives.

And who's your favourite player?

Frank Lampard, he's just lovely.

Away from football, who else do you think is hot?

I've always had a huge crush on Vernon Kay, who I know very well because I'm big mates with Tess Daly since our time on SM:TV Live together. We all went on holiday to Ibiza a couple of years ago and I was flirting outrageously with Vernon, saying: "Ooh, look at you in your shorts Vernon. You saucy little minx." And Tess yelled: "Take your eyes off my boyfriend, bitch!"

Would you ever be tempted by a woman?

I've never kissed a girl in my life but if I had to, I'd go for Tess Daly as she is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Oh, my God - Vern and Tess are my dream threesome!

You sound like a swinging kind of guy - or are you more monogamous?

I've actually been seeing someone called Arthur for the past three years. We don't live together but it's going very well. He's a bit younger than me - he's 25 and I'm 27 - and he's very, very attractive.

How about children?

Eventually, I'd like to have a child of my own. Rather than adopting, I'd prefer to do it myself, but obviously I'd need some help and and right now I've no idea of who that would involve. My mum would die of shock if I became a father.

How do you think you'd cope?

Well, I'm godfather to my Big Brother pal Narinder's baby, Jeevan. I babysat him for the first time about two weeks ago and, by God, he can scream, puke, poo and pee like you wouldn't believe! I was looking after him for six hours and during all that time I didn't even have a minute to go to the toilet. It's such a commitment, you've got to do it every day. And your life stops. No going out, no friends.

But it sounds as if Narinder's enjoying life after BB. Some people, however, have ended up a laughing stock, haven't they?

Do you know what? I was checking out all the channels on Freeview the other day with my friends. We settled on a Television X trailer to laugh at the girls making t***s of themselves. We saw Michelle Bass and Emma Greenwood from BB5 looking very stupid with really bad hair extensions. Goodbye to the pair of you!

Last year you were voted the most popular BB Housemate of all time. How did that feel?

I was chuffed as it had been four years since I'd been on BB. I went along to the recording of the show not knowing what number I was and then I found out I was No. 1. I couldn't believe I'd beaten Nadia and Jade, because I thought one of them would come top. I was delighted, but I think it's only fair I was No 1 - nobody else has beaten my votes. It sounds arrogant, but no one has.

Finally, whats the most extravagent thing you've done?

Once, I was out with two friends and bought a £600 bottle of champagne - just because I could. But it tasted just like the £20 champagne you can get down the supermarket. We didn't even get drunk!

08 Aug 2006 by admin

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