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NOTW Mag - 9 Apr 2006

"It's my baby really, Narinder's hubby was just the sperm donor!"

Is Big Brother Brian getting broody?

Brian Dowling scoops up the giggling baby and coos to him. "Say da-da", he coaxes. "Call me daddy."

There's a cheeky glint in Brian's eye as he swings five-month-old Jeevan into the air, because the little boy is not the secret son of the Big Brother 2 winner, but the offspring of his mate, BB co-star Narinder Kaur.

"It's my baby really", he jokes. "Narinder's husband Jat was the sperm donor. Poor Jeevan is going to grow up so confused."

"Everywhere Narinder and I go with Jeevan, people think he's mine. They peer into the buggy and say, 'Doesn't he look like you?' I'm like, 'Hello, I was the gay one!'"

Narinder, now an actress on BBC radio soap Silver Street, agrees: "It's mad. People say, 'Oh you're still together, we're so pleased.'"

Brian, 27, Jeevan's godfather, already has uncle experience. Two of his six sisters have daughters in Ireland and he's besotted with the 17-month-old daughter of SM:TV pal Tess Daly and hubby Vernon Kay.

"He forced me to have this baby and now he's forcing me to have another," says Narinder, 33. "He said, 'Come on you've been married for 12 years, you've got a beautiful home, a good husband and a good job. Have a baby!'"

Brian trained to be Narinder's birthing partner - she thought he'd be less squeamish than Jat.

And weirdly, Brian reckons he had a phantom pregnancy!

"I had cravings for prawn cocktail crisps without knowing she was craving the same thing," he laughs. "I also got morning sickness and put on weight!"

Brian, who balooned to 13 1/2st stone, has lost 16lb. But Narinder, who gained 3st during pregnancy, found the pounds fell off for the wrong reasons.

"I had post-natal depression," she recalls. "I went to a size 10/12. I was barely eating or sleeping. Luckily I've come out of it and I'm trying to shift the last stone. I've stopped drinking and I go to the gym. But my boobs have dropped down to my waist."

Narinder was induced two weeks early after her waters brke - but Brian was working in Ireland at the time.

Labour lasted two days and Jeevan was eventually born on October 24, weighing 6lb 3oz.

Desperate for news, Brian kept ringing. "I wanted to know if it was a boy or a girl but Jat was so spaced out from tiredness all he said was, 'Everything's fine.'"

Jeevan suffers from reflux which makes it difficult for him to keep his food down. After two weeks in hospital, he rarely slept for more than an hour.

"It was awful seeing Narinder so low," explains Brian. "She'd be crying, trying to express milk. It was like being in a dairy farm. She had a pump on each boob."

Narinder adds: "Brian's been a great support. He's brought me treats and has babysat for us."

"And when I was at my lowest he'd make me laugh by joking that Tess Daly's breast milk must be sweeter than mine because she was blonder, thinner and taller."

Since Narinder's gone back to work, Brian's been pitching in.

"It was odd," he says. "All the other babies I know have been girls. When he peed, it sent a jet shooting everywhere.

"But looking after him was a really great experience."

But Brian has no plans to have kids of his own yet.

"I'm gay and there would be a risk of a child being bullied," says Brian, who has been dating dancer Arthur, 25, for three years.

Brian, host of new ITV1 Friday night quiz show The Mint, misses his big nights out with Narinder.

"Our relationship's the same," says Brian. "But now Narinder will start to yawn and want to go home by 10pm!"

By Deryn Fisher

- Silver Street is on the BBC Asian Network daily, and catch Brian's slot on Vernon Kay's Radio 1 Saturday show from 10am to 1pm.

08 Aug 2006 by admin

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