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New Magazine 3 Apr 2006

On the sofa with ... Brian Dowling

Big Brother 2 winner Brian Dowling, 27, reveals why he loves Jake Gyllenhaal and what he gets up to in front of the TV ...

What's your favourite show on TV at the moment?
It's a toss-up between The Apprentice and America's Next Top Model, which is amazing.. You have all these girls who are never going to be supermodels - and no one ever says that Tyra Banks is wearing a wig! The Apprentice is so cut-throat. Jo with the curly hair is mental - how is she still doing it? I think Sayed is quite attractive though.

What makes you turn off?
Sport, or anything like Star Wars or Star Trek: boy's stuff.

What do you hate to miss?
I always used to hate to miss Footballers' Wives but this series it's gone downhill. So it would probably be Desperate Housewives. I love Bree. Everyone says I'm like her because I'm so anal. When my friends come round I wash everything as soon as it's used.

What's your all-time favourite programme?
Dynasty: so camp, an absolute classic. I was Krystle, I loved it.

Who's the sexiest man on telly?
Jake Gyllenhaal. I never used to think he was but then I watched Brokeback Mountain and went "He is so stunningly beautiful! His eyes are so blue!" He's the kind of guy you'd go on a date with and he might get a bit tipsy but he wouldn't try it on. Your mother would love him ... and your friends would want to sleep with him.

What's your fave tv moment?
In Eastenders when Zoe Slater screamed "You're not my muvva!" and Kat replied "Yes I am!" (Clapping) A-ma-zing.

What would be your ultimate reality TV show?
Top Model crossed with Big Brother with an element of I'm a Celeb ... So, models living together in the jungle, eating kangaroo balls and nominating each other, with cameras everywhere. And they should do an all-male version: half of them gay and half straight with the audience not knowing who was gay. I might sell that concept ...

Tell us the strangest thing you do in front of the telly ...
Apart from the obvious? Sometimes I turn down the volume, read the subtitles and lip-sync as if I'm presenting it.

What's your favourite tv ad ever?
oooh, probably the one I did for Hubba Bubba. My tagline was "It's unbeliev-a-bubble!" And so now I say "unbelievabubble" all the time. I also love the sanitary towel and thrush ads. Hilarious.

Brian's new show The Mint is on ITV1 at 11.30 pm on Fridays

08 Aug 2006 by admin

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