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Star Magazine 3 Apr 2006


The former Big Brother fave gets interactive for his new after-dark show

Since winning Big Brother back in 2001, Brian Dowling has defied critics by carving out a successful presenting career. Following a stint on ITV1's SM:tv Live, he joined Vernon Kay on his Radio 1 show as celebrity reporter.

Now he's back on our screens with a nightly programme called The Mint. Here he sheds light on the show and has a gossip about Davina, bad breath and his fella...

So, you're going late night then?
"Yes! The Mint is live and set in this massive studio - it's like a footballers house. It'll feature celeb guests and gossip, but the last two hours will be an interactive quiz where viewers can win brilliant prizes like a trip to the set of Corrie."

Won't working nights wreak havoc with your social life?
"I'm in from 8pm till 4am, but I'll do three days on and six days off, so I don't think it will be too bad. My days as an air steward have given me a taster."

How do you feel about Davina McCall's new chat show being so heavily criticised?
"I really like her show, and give the woman credit, it's the first series. Davina's just been so successful on BB, now people expect the same whatever she does, but it isn't like that. She's still getting three-million viewers - that's not bad. People build you up to a certain point, and then it seems they have to knock you down. It's senseless."

You met Celeb BB winner Chantelle Houghton recently....
"Yes, she came on Vernon's show. I thought she was lovely. She was asking me genuine questions. I just advised her not to take things too seriously and enjoy it."

Do you think she has the potential to be a presenter?
"I can't see Chantelle doing a live show, but I could imagine her doing holiday reports."

Do you think she and Preston will stay together?
"I think they are very sweet, but you have to wonder how much you can trust a man who has left his fiancée for you."

Kemal and Kinga hit the headlines recently, too....
"Oh please! Can you really imagine those two having sex? If it is a desperate attempt to cling onto fame, then that's very sad."

Do you ever get annoyed that you're constantly being asked about your time on BB?
"Not annoyed, but I'm sometimes embarrassed. It's a very different show now. When I see pictures of Sam flashing her boobs, I just think, 'No, no, no!'"

Would you consider taking part in a reunion?
"In a way, I did. A year after the show, we all went out for dinner and it was pretty horrible. There were so many egos!"

There were rumours that you might replace Patrick Kielty on Celebrity Love Island?
"Really? That's a new one on me. It's probably just because I'm Irish. Of course, I'd love to work in Fiji, it would be fab!"

A gossip columnist recently "outed" you in a piece about celebs with bad breath....
"I know! I saw her the week after it appeared - she said she had been off that day and someone else had written it!. I had gingivitis when I was on BB. and yes, my breath was pungent. But it's not a regular complaint!"

You've talked about your battle with the bulge before. Is your weight still a concern?
"Yes because people keep going on about it. I mean, I don't think I'm fat - I'm 5ft 11 and 12st, for goodness sake. But people think it's OK to mention it. I even got a nutritionist before Christmas, lost 16lbs and managed to keep it off - well, I gained back 6lbs but I'm ok about it."

You're still seeing your lovely fella, Arthur. Have you got any plans to tie the knot?
"No! I'm still only 27, and he's just 25. I like having my independence, so we don't even live together. I value living on my own - particularly after BB!"

03 Aug 2006 by admin

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