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The Observer Magazine - 28 Mar 2006

What would you save if your house was burning down?

Brian Dowling, TV presenter.

I'd describe my interior style as 'evolving'. I haven't really had any antiques before, but now I'm starting to mix them in with other stuff. But the main reason I'm saving the stand is because it was a Valentine's gift from my boyfriend three years ago. It's also one of those things that grows on you. Unlike my sofa. I must have paid about four grand for that big aubergine thing, and now I think, 'I've seen nicer looking ones at DFS.'

Furniture's quite difficult actually, because you're kind of stuck with it. Obviously I'd be careful of getting any of those very distinctive pieces like the Egg chair in Big Brother, because having been on the show it would probably give me terrible flashbacks. I do, however, think that everyone should have a chair in their house where they can sit and have a good rant. It's very therapeutic. I don't know where my boyfriend got the stand or how much he paid, because that really wouldn't be very romantic would it? But he bought it specifically because I wanted a pet. We went to Battersea dogs' home and had a good look around, but then I realised that they won't give you a dog to rehome unless you get it neutered. I understand their point, but I really wanted my dog to have puppies.

Anyway, the upshot is that we got three goldfish in a bowl instead, and the bowl goes on this stand. And the very happy news is that the female goldfish is now pregnant. As the other two are male, we don't know who the father is, but that just adds to the drama.

02 Aug 2006 by admin

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