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Brian Dowling’s Favourite Things - New Magazine Nov 28th 2005

The 27-year old TV presenter reveals his love of Grant Mitchell, Vernon Kay ad his mum’s Sunday roast…

I can’t drag myself away from EastEnders at the moment, the whole Chrissie saga has gotten me completely addicted and I’m loving the return of the Mitchell brothers. But then I do fancy Grant Mitchell (Ross Kemp). I definitely would! He’s the kind of guy, who wouldn’t take you to dinner; he would just take you back to his place and devour you. God, I miss that in a man…


Miami’s incredible: there are lots of beautiful people, which I do get a bit intimidated by. If British people come up to me and ask to have their picture taken with me on the beach, I always put my T-shirt back on. I’m just not that confident with my body. As we speak, I’m pulling out a can of SlimFast from the fridge. Eventually I’ll be so thin I’ll be on the cover with the top ten skinniest celebs. Ugh, it’ll never happen.

Kill Bill

I love a movie where girls kick a**e. So the Kill Bill films really get my vote. The way that everyone has tried to kill Uma Thurman’s character but she comes back it’s like, “Ha-hah, I’m not quite finished yet!” She wanted revenge. I thought that was really cool and she looked amazing. I’d like to do kick boxing then if anyone called me fat again, I could kick their a**e.

Strawberry Daiquiris

I was always a vodka, lemonade and lime man, but a friend of mine has got me into strawberry daiquiris recently. One time we had about ten and they didn’t have much effect. They slip down my throat way too easily, like a lot of other things…ice pops for example.

Sunday Roast

I love potatoes, bread and pasta. But my ideal meal would be my mum’s traditional Sunday roast: chicken, roast potatoes, gravy, stuffing, mashed potato and loads of veg. Coming in a close second is fried bread and fried potatoes, together in a sandwich. This is why I will never lose the 10lbs I need to I love my food.

Mariah Carey

You’ve got to admire Mariah for the fact that she gets away with what she does and what she wears. She has a massive entourage and the paparazzi go crazy for her. It’s amazing that she’s the biggest selling female artist. She insists on wearing the tiniest clothes, with a kind of, “Yes, it still fits, I’ll wear it,” attitude. I love that. She’s very ballsy.


I don’t go often, but I really enjoy setting off for a jog round my local park with my iPod on and Kelly Clarkson blaring out. But everyone is so beautiful round where I live in London, with such ripped bodies, that I start thinking, “Who am I kidding?” We’ll start jogging at the same time, then in five minutes I’m huffing and puffing and they’re sprinting away!

Vernon Kay

Vernon Kay is my favourite male celebrity. I love him. I sometimes think, “I could easily fall in love with him and have his kids.” He’s a lovely, hard-working ,well-mannered person with a big heart. And big feet. That Tess Daly is a very lucky woman. I’ll tell you that!

Brian is presenting the Variety Club Showbusiness Awards of Living TV at 5pm on Sunday November 27.

06 Dec 2005 by admin

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