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Irish Daily Mirror 26.8.2005

Brian Dowling opens his heart on love, life and happiness.

Brian Dowling says he is back with the love of his life - but he insists ''I'll never have a gay marriage like my pal Elton John." The gay Big Brother winner is back with Belgian dancer Arthur who left him devastated when they split after a series of blazing rows.

As he prepares to host tomorrow's o2 in the Park spectacular, the Irishman revealed: ''We're back together and I've never been so in love.
"When Arthur and I split I realised how much he meant to me. I had neglected our relationship because work took everything over. I started calling him a few months ago and we met up a few times for dinner. The chemistry between us was stronger than ever and we both wanted to be back in a relationship.''

But while Brian is enjoying the joys of love again, he has no plans to tie the knot and make it official like superstar Elton John who will wed his lover David Furnish later this year. He said: ''Elton is a great guy and he always invites me to his parties but marriage isn't for me. Arthur knows I would never want to get married he is fine with that.

"My sister Paula asked if I would get married a week ago but I can't imagine myself getting married.
"I'm very independent. What's mine is mine. I don't like sharing. Maybe in the future things will change but I'm only 27 now and wouldn't even consider it."

But he says he does dream of having kids in the future adding: ''I just love children and if I ever did have a child in the future it would be a big decision.
"I have so many relatives with babies now and I go mad for them but at the minute that's enough to keep me busy.
But when I get older it's something I would think about although there would be so many things to work out. It would be the biggest decision of my life."

Despite his obvious confidence in front of the TV camera, Brian admits that being one of Ireland's few gay celebrities has not been easy.

He has been offering support to Westlife star Mark Feehily who last week revealed he was gay and in a serious relationship. Brian added: ''I saw Mark other day and had a good chat to him about the whole thing and he's is doing really well.
In all honesty I wasn't surprised when it came out he was gay. I think lots of people had their suspicions because he was the only one not married or without a girlfriend. It's not a big deal being gay anymore, it's like being born with a certain colour hair, it just happens and that is it.
"It's not as if Westlife didn't know or his management didn't know so there should be no real issue there. Mark was different than me too because his family knew about it a long time ago. I remember having to tell my parents because I was going into the big brother house and I knew they would find out - that was a pressurised situation.
"If it wasn't for big brother I probably would never have told my parents -so Mark will probably be glad something happened to make him come out in public and he can get on with his life now."

Brian warned Mark will have to be extra careful to keep his good-boy image and said: ''The media will be looking for everything on him now but he'll learn to handle that.
"I was presenting a kids show smtv for two years and I was gay. I think I must have been the first openly gay kids TV presenter.
"The kids didn't care about my sexuality but the media would have loved me to do something terrible so they could get a great story.

"There's things I want to do in life I don't do drugs I don't smoke. I have a few drinks but I don't even get drunk that much.
"I would go out with my mates and get tipsy but that's about it. I hate mixing alcohol because because I've had a couple of hangovers from hell that way. I stick to anything with vodka, that's my favourite drink."

Brian says one of the biggest pressures of life in the spotlight is people always commenting on his weight.
At 5ft. 11in, Brian said he'd love to shed a stone: "I'm 12 stones at the minute and that's a stone too heavy for me.
"I've always struggled with my weight to be honest and it does get me down from time to time.
"Because I'm on TV people do come straight up to me and say: 'Gosh Brian, you've put on a load of weight.'
"I'm not that bad to be honest. I still have a 32-inch waist and I eat pretty healthy.
"I have a trainer and go to the gym although I haven't been there in ages. It's so hard to get me motivated and when I do go in the gym I end up getting jealous of the people who have great bodies."

26 Aug 2005 by admin

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