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NOW Magazine - Brian's BB6 Column - Week 7

Now 3.8.2005

We’ve got Brian….

Big Brother’s Brian Dowling thinks the house will be quiet without the defiance of Science.

The shout is out

I can’t believe how close the vote was between Orlaith and Science last Friday. I thought Orliath’s time was up. Science did have a tendency to behave like a spoilt child and the rows he started in his last week were definitely his downfall. At times he behaved like last year’s kitten –and, boy, was she a pain – but I wish he’d stayed. The house is going to be a lot quieter now he’s gone – and not in a good way.

I thought it was unfair when some of the housemates accused him of being homophobic – I don’t think he is at all. He’s an intelligent boy who could do well in life if he’d just learn to listen. D’you get me, Science.

Unrequited love

I can’t believe Craig got drunk and confessed his feeling to Anthony. How embarrassing! Come on, Craig, kissing a girl who gets her tits out to make a straight boy jealous, then slapping him when he doesn’t want to be fondled – it’s just not normal.

It must be so painful for his parents to watch and Craig will be mortified when he sees how he’s come across. Anthony’s so patient, but he needs to say something or Craig will never get the message. He’s making bunny boiler Michelle Bass’s antics in BB5 seem sane.

Walk the walk

So you’re going to walk out of the house then are you, Orlaith? Yes, my dear, of course you are. No one ever walks when they threaten to.
Shame on her for snogging Craig, but most of all for her saying she knew she’d be staying when Science was still in the house. If you’re going to go, then go. Don’t say it because you want more attention. That’s just boring.

Fear factor

Kemal and Derek’s screams when Big Brother tested the housemates’ fear tolerance were hilarious. Only BB would think of scaring someone by blindfolding them, connecting them to a heart monitor, then hitting them with a raw chicken. I love it when BB winds them up. Bring it on! In general they’re an horrible bunch, so I think they deserve it.


03 Aug 2005 by admin

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