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NOW Magazine - Brian's BB6 Column - Week 6

Now 27.7.2005

We’ve got Brian….

Big Brother’s favourite ever housemate Brian Dowling on the past week in the house.

Bye, Kinky Pinky

I felt so sorry for Vanessa when she got evicted on Friday night. It was such a cruel way to go, although it was great entertainment. All that crying she did, you’d have thought she’s want to look her best when she met the crowds.
I thought the booing was a little over the top, though. It wasn’t like she was particularly controversial she was harmless really. I didn’t like the fact that someone threw an orange at her as she was leaving. Vanessa looked so shocked and hurt. I wonder if Saskia was in the crowd. After all, it’s the sort of thing she would do.

I finally get you, Science

Science is definitely growing on me. I think I finally get him… well, at least 75 per cent of the time. But I do wish he’s stop talking to the cameras that spoils it for me a little.
I also hate the way he always claims he knew what Big Brother was up to, even though he always says it after the event and never before. Even so, I think he’s great fun to watch. I imagine living with him isn’t as much fun, though.

Anthony’s a winner

It’s still difficult to say who’ll win this year, but right now I think Anthony’s standing out as a real contender. I loved his date with Big Brother, but I don’t know why Derek is so obsessed with his sexuality. I don’t think he’s gat at all.
There’s been a real change in Anthony since Max and Saskia left and he stopped being their lapdog. He’s a sweet, good-looking lad, which should win him votes.

The times they are a-changin’

The tide seems to have turned on Makosi now. I couldn’t believe how loudly she was booed. But I’ve been most surprised by Kemal I don’t think Makosi is a mole. How can those two say they love each other and Kemal then votes for Makosi? I was best friends with Narinder in the house and I’d never have nominated her.


03 Aug 2005 by admin

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