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NOW Magazine - Brian's BB6 Column - Week 5

Now 20.7.2005

We’ve got Brian….

Big Brother’s favourite ever housemate Brian Dowling is over the moon that Maxwell’s gone. Now he hopes Craig will follow soon.

F*** about, Maxwell’s out!

I was so overjoyed at Maxwell’s eviction on Friday I screamed myself hoarse! It was hard to call between him and Science, but after registering my vote for Max I’m glad to report that every vote really does count. I was pleased that Davina gave him a really good grilling. And what about that aggressive exit? I love the fact that he had a victory routine planned if he won, but it was very arrogant of him not to tone it down when he was confronted by the hostile, baying crowd.

Thanks to scabs, toilet brushes and bullying, Team Saskia has almost been demolished. Luckily, as Kemal put it, I think our ordeal of tolerating Saskia and Maxwell will soon be over. I can’t see either of them doing very well as a ‘celebrity couple’ now they’re out of the house. I think they’ll get loads of hassle, which is exactly what bullies deserve. They can talk the talk, but when they get some of their own medicine can they walk the walk?

Craig your days are numbered

Craig’s face was a picture when Maxwell’s name was called out. The curse of Craig is true! I can’t bear the boy. If I was in there with him there’d be a bigger bitchfest between us than there was with me and Josh back on BB2. I hope he’s evicted next, but it won’t be pleasant for him when he gets out. I get hassle sometimes and I won, so goodness knows what’s in store for him. Oh, and why is everyone obsessed with Craig’s sexuality? Surely it’s painfully obvious that he’s gay? Stop giving him attention by talking about it.

Family Matters

I thought Kemal’s parents message to him was lovely. He really needed to know that they still love him. It was very touching, especially when Derek started crying too. He’s a lovely boy, but I can’t imagine him dressing in his heels in the real world although maybe he could lend some of his clothes to Orlaith. The poor girl appears to be allergic to her own. Orlaith, we know you’re proud of your boobs, but there’s no need to put your downstairs area on display, too.

Liar, liar

As if Makosi’s ‘pregnancy’ wasn’t a big enough lie for one week, now even BB’s in on the act telling the housemates two lies, but not saying what they are. It’s brilliant even I’m confused. It’ll send some of the more paranoid housemates over the edge! Makosi’s going to go into overdrive now and mess with everyone’s heads. Maybe she could request that Big Brother lends her a newborn baby for a couple of days and she could claim it was Anthony’s love child?

Vanessa knows best

She may be quiet, but Vanessa’s got her eyes and ears open and she’s growing on me because of it. From early on she had the measure of Craig and she knew what Derek thought of her without Science having to tell her. I don’t think she’s playing Makosi and Kemal, either she’s actually very loyal to them. The way she stood up to Saskia was commendable. I love her gossiping in the diary room and I’m now thinking she might be there until the end.


HIGH PRESSURE It’s lovely and sunny in the BB house at the moment, but keep your brolly nearby. The pressure and paranoia are building let’s hope there’ll be a downpour.


21 Jul 2005 by admin

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