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NOW Magazine - Brian's BB6 Column - Week 3

22nd June 2005

We've got Brian

This week, the nation's favourite housemate Brian Dowling says Makosi's his chick and explains why he's loving the Saskia, Max and Ant love triangle

Two's company, three's a crowd

There's something dodgy about Saskia that I just can't put my finger on. I'm not sure what she's playing at and I don't believe that her romance with Maxwell is real.

Saskia has a look of disgust on her face whenever Maxwell comes near her. I think she realises kissing him was a big mistake.

It's starting to become obvious that she fancies Anthony more than Maxwell and I think they'd be a much better-suited couple. I'd love it if something happened between the two or them - it'd blow the group apart. Not only would it put Maxwell in his place, it'd also knock Saskia off her perch. She think's she's the queen bee of the house at the moment. Send Lesley back in, I say - she'd soon show Saskia who's boss!

Makosi's my chicken

As the weeks go on, I just love Makosi more and more. She's the star of the show. The tender moments she shared with her egg, before its tragic demise, were touching and very funny. I was disgusted by her snog with Sam, but I forgave her because she's so fabulous. I was pleased when she snogged Anthony - but not any more. Vanessa overhead him saying that he was only leading Makosi on to give the cameras what they want. I think she actually really liked him, but she won't be part of anyone's game plan. Forget him, Makosi - you're so much better than that.

Growing pains

Bad news for Science fans. Please don't hate me for saying this, but when he says his catchphrase: 'Do you get me?' my answer is: 'No, and I don't know who ever could.'

I don't think Big Brother is making good enough use of the naughty step - Science could make it his new home. He needs to stop going on about coming from the ghetto and listen to Craig and Derek when they rant at him about acting like a child. They have a point - grow up!

Italian stallion

Roberto's so sexy. I'm really glad he survived eviction night - he has to stay in the house. He adds fire and brings passion to Big Brother. Just look at his speed date with Kemal, who looked so scared when he thought Roberto was actually going to kiss him. The Italian played a blinder winding him up. Kemal thought he was the top bitch in that kennel - how wrong he was!

Craig is Roberto's bitch, too. He's so touchy-feely with him. I couldn't believe it when he had Craig on all fours with a collar on. Roberto, I'll be your third bitch. Put a leash on me. Please !

Bri's BB Barometer

MILD Despite the temperatures soaring on the speed-dating night and the arguments over Derek's plotting, the outlook's still quite calm in the house.


04 Jul 2005 by admin

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