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NOW Magazine - Brian's BB6 Column - Week 2

22nd June 2005

We've got Brian
The nation's favourite housemate Brian Dowling gets his claws into Big Brother 6. This week, he wants Sam to shut up and Lesley back in....

The look of love?

Saskia’s growing on me now that she’s showing more of her flirty, girly side. However, I’m not sure she’s as into Maxwell as she makes out. The housemates know that people who fancy each other stay in longer and make more money afterwards.

I think Maxwell really has fallen for Saskia’s charm and, though I’m still not a fan of his except when he got his revenge on Roberto if the pair stopped playing up for the cameras, they might actually have something genuine.

Bring Her back!

I’m gutted that Lesley was evicted on Friday. She was the only one who stood up to Sam when she slacked off in the task and she had a good measure of everyone in there. She thinks she’s beautiful and I agree. Everyone should have as much confidence in themselves as Lesley does.

Naughty, naughty

For once, Derek’s right Kemal is a spoilt child. Sticking the toilet brush in Roberto’s box was a step too far. Shrieking like a child when Big Brother put him on the naughty step simply confirmed his immaturity. I think Roberto was right to challenge him about not telling his family about his sexuality before entering the house. I told my mum three days before I went in because I knew it would kill her to find out on TV. I think Kemal should’ve shown his parents the same respect.

Big bother

The Big Brother house is a danger zone. First Saskia hurts her ankle (and I have to admit I thought she was faking), then Vanessa falls over and injures hers as well. But before you go thinking the BB6 lot are just accident-prone, both Paul and Bubble were injured during my stay. It isn’t just your fellow housemates you need to be wary of, but the furniture too.

Bloomin’ funny

Craig’s pregnancy was the funniest thing so far this series. Calling a bearded gnome Britney was inspired. I want a dog called Britney, so I think if I was in the house with Craig we’d be friends. I love the fact that he doesn’t take any shit and bitch with the best of them long may he and Britney last!

Questions, questions, questions

Just because he’s a dancer, wants to be a hairdresser and wears pink, why does everyone think Anthony’s gay? Better question would be: how does he stay so orange? And why does he follow Maxwell around like a lost puppy dog?

Hitting the wrong notes

I can’t stand Sam and I hope she goes this week. I think she secretly wants to go what else would explain her appalling singing? Rather than laughing, the others need to tell her to shut up. As my mum would say, she sounds like a bag of cats.

And as for her pleasuring herself during the box task, I think she was faking it to give the boys a thrill. Well, love, it did nothing for me!

When you say nothing at all

Vanessa says nothing for three weeks, then when she does open her mouth she manages to put everyone up for eviction. Maybe she should’ve kept quiet.

Mischievous Makosi

Makosi’s streak was great and she’s one of my favourites, even though she’s gone a bit quiet. I predict that she’ll be in the final three, although she does need to choose her streaking partners more wisely.


MILD There have been more sunny moments this week than last, but I’m getting my brolly at the ready because the storm could return at a moment’s notice.


25 Jun 2005 by admin

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