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Irish Sunday People 12th June 2005


[Camp TV presenter Brian Dowling has revealed his secret heartache he fears he is hated in Ireland.
The former Rynair Trolley dolly is still a huge star in the UK after being swamped with work after winning Big Brother three years ago.
He fronted ITV’s Saturday morning SM:tv show for which he won a BAFTA and is in constant demand.
But the 26-year-old star from Co Kildare said he hasn’t received ONE offer of work from Ireland.

Brian, who recently finished a series of I'm Famous and Frightened with Living TV, says his main dream now is to get work with RTE or TV3.
He added, "To be honest, I've always been given a really tough time by the Irish and that's quite frustrating.

“In England everything for me is very positive and very nice, but in Ireland there’s always been this strange need to knock me down. I've never pretended to be something that I'm not. The worst thing about it was that my mother was reading all the negative press, and really worrying about me.
"When they were saying I was a flop, she was believing them and panicking. She would ring me up and say things like 'Oh my God, Brian you have a weight problem’ and I’m like: ‘Don’t be silly I don’t, yeah I’d like to lose weight but it’s not a problem.’


I also remember reading that I was hated wherever I went and people didn’t like me but I was getting a totally different reaction when I was out and about.”
"I mean it's just bizarre. I can't put my finger on it, but it's there. When I'm home, people are generally very nice to me. But then, after talking to them, they say things like 'You're so much nicer than I thought you'd be.'

"I just think that there's some sort of feeling, among the media and production companies in Ireland, that I think I'm better than them or something. In my last three years, I've never once been offered a job in Ireland, so they can't say it's because I haven't worked at home.

"After winning Big Brother, not one company from Ireland came to me and asked me to do anything, and then I read all these things like 'He's not willing to come home' and 'He's turned his back on Ireland'.
“To be honest that kind of hurts a little bit because I get no negative press over here. Nothing at all.

["I'd really like to do a show in Ireland. Right now, it would just be nice to be offered something from home!"“Obviously, I've always dreamed of doing a chat show, I think that's where I'm at my most comfortable.

“My dream would be to be like Graham Norton or Jonathon Ross but I'd like to work with other people, it wouldn't bother me having to do one on my own but I don't think I'm ready for that just yet.

”I'd love to try some acting. I was asked to do the gay lead in Mile High but it would have been a bit too close to home. “I mean I love the show because it's about cabin crew and that's what I used to do. I just thought: ‘Oh God, I'd be s### at that.’ I'd like to do something where I would actually have to act it. On SMTV I just got dragged about and dressed in drag and people thought that was funny- it wasn't really acting.

”I just want to concentrate on presenting at the moment. I'm still only 26 so I still have a few years ahead of me yet.”

Above the fame and fortune and career ambitions Brian said as long as he remains happy for the rest of his life he doesn't care what he is doing.

He said '' My ambition has always been to be successful and happy in any job that I do, whether it's working in Burger King, Ryanair or doing what I'm doing.
“To have enough money to pay my bills, to be with someone, go on holiday once a year with my friends and not to be overdrawn.

”I've been lucky so far with my life and I've led an extraordinary life this last three years but I've worked hard after I was given the opportunity.
”As a child this was never my dream. When Big Brother ended I was happy to walk away.
“I was due to be back at Ryanair on September 1 and I had £70,000 which was more than I ever expected.

13 Jun 2005 by admin

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