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Our very own Big Brother housemate has been crowned the fan's 'Favourite Housemate' of all the UK series’, beating last year’s Big Brother winner Nadia and media darling Jade. With over 100,000 votes cast by Big Brother fans via the Channel 4 BB website, Brian has proved - four years on from winning BB2 - his endearing popularity.

Throughout the 9 weeks of BB2 he entertained the nation. He was hilariously funny, had a razor sharp wit, but also showed his vulnerability and caring nature, in fact he was the perfect housemate!

Anna from BB1 encapsulated it perfectly when she said, “If you were to put Brian in any of the Big Brothers, and any Big Brothers until the end of time, he would always have won.”

Over the past week, we at Absolutely Brian asked some previous popular housemates for their opinions and memories of Brian‘s time in the Big Brother house.

DEAN : Brian’s mentor in BB2 “'Brian is a star. After the first day of Big Brother 2 it was obvious to me that he would eclipse the show and provide viewers with a sound reason to turn on the television.'”

Paul (Bubble) Ferguson One of Brian’s comedy partners in BB2 has just one word for Brian: “Lettuce!”

Stuart Hosking Another of Brian's 'roomies' from BB2 has this message for Brian: Well done Brian..just proves that BB2 will always remain the best ever. However, I should have left you locked in the store room a lot longer..about 9 weeks longer ! Stuart x
Enjoy that moment once againHERE

Cameron Stout Winner of BB4 and a huge fan of Brian’s has just one word to describe Brian:
“P H E N O M E N A L”

Jon Tickle one of the most popular housemates of BB4 has this to say about Brian: "There are always two winners of Big Brother: the real winner and the person who left the House last. Brian is unique in that he fulfilled both roles in BB2."

Sissy Rooney BB4’s Liverpudlian Fashion Designer said: I've had the pleasure of meeting Brian and he is a wicked guy, I liked him in Big Brother, and wanted him to win!!! and I think he has done really well for himself, well done Brian!!!

Antony Cotton (Coronation Street’s Sean Tully) said of his friend recently: “Brian is the funniest, warmest, most generous man on earth - I adore him!” (NOTW Sunday Mag)

Josie D’Arby : “Brian was a nice guy, without being boring, - he was the opposite hugely entertaining." “This guy's got a really sharp wit, a really good instinct for what's funny. When he's bitching he's actually really lovely, but what he says is quite intelligent, it's really funny. I think it is because he is hilarious that audiences really loved him!" (E4)

And some star quotes from when Brian when in the BB house..

Jonathan Ross : “ Like the rest of the nation my heart’s with young Brian, sent from up above to cheer us up.” (BBLB)

Kylie Minogue says, "I was obsessed by Big Brother 2 and fell in love with winner Brian Dowling. “"I'd love to meet him. When he was announced as the winner I just leapt off the couch and screamed." Brian performed a medley of her hits in a competition one night in BB2 - and was word perfect. She said, “It was a real thrill for me! His performance was fabulous and he was so entertaining.” (ananova)

And from Brian’s fans…

BRIAN - Entertaining, loveable, self-deprecating, genuine, charming, honest, sweet, caring, gorgeous, fun, angelic, bitchy, outrageous, stylish, witty, sexy, with added Awww and X-Factor by the bucketful. You have the WINNER!

Brian was an uncut diamond when entering BB, over the weeks he sparkled and shone as all his facets were revealed to the nation. What a precious gem he is! - Christine

Beautiful Remarkable Irrepressible Amaaaazing Natural
Perfect Angelic Tremendous Romantic Incomparable Charming Kind
Darling Overflowing(with talent!) Wonderful Lovable Indescribable Nave Gorgeous Nora

Brian’s light and sparkling personality together with his dry wit combined to make BB2 a classic year and our favourite Brian a vintage housemate! Cheers Brian! Sharon

Brian was unforgettable and made BB2 captivating viewing with his warm down-to-earth engaging personality. Helen

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27 May 2005 by christine

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