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News of the World Sunday Magazine 23.1.2005.

I’m Famous and Frightened star Brian Dowling freaks out with Medium Sally Morgan

By Rachel Corcoran.

Brian Dowling is back on our TV screens in Living’s paranormal show next month, But what’s in store for the star in 2005? Celebrity psychic Sally Morgan reveals all….

Sally: First I’m going to talk about your weight you’re obsessed.
Brian: Everyone keeps telling me I’ve put on weight. I’m never going to be thin!
Sally: The problem is you’re lazy.
Brian: That’s so true!

Sally: You need someone to create a diet for you so you’re very rigid about what you eat. And you can’t have liposuction!
Brian: I was chatting about getting that done this morning.

Sally: It’ll go horribly wrong and damage all the nerve endings in your stomach. You’d be that unlucky one-in-a-million that happens to.
Brian: I’ve always said that!.

Sally: You’re also moving home.
Brian: I bought a new place in April but I’ve talked about selling.

Sally: You’re going to go to New York and that’ll be incredible. Not only for work but for your personal life as well. You’ll meet a guy there who’s very tall and handsome. He’ll really help with your career. Someone who you will become friends with is George Michael.
Brian: (Screams!) Really?!

Sally: He’s coming into your life on a personal and business level. You’ll party with his mates and he’ll help you make some great contacts. Have you met him?
Brian: No, but I know Geri Halliwell who’s friends with him.

Sally: Someone in your family had an illegitimate daughter, who wasn’t brought up by her mother. Who was that?
Brian : I have a baby niece, my sister had her when she was 15. But my mum raised her.

Sally: Your sister’s moving away from home. Who’s David?
Brian: David is my sister’s boyfriend and father of her baby.
Is she going to live with him?

Sally: Oh yes, they’re going to go off and get their own place. Your mum will be bereft.
Brian: It’ll kill her if they leave.

Sally: That’s the reason they haven’t gone. But David is saying “We’ve got to go.” Also, there’s someone involved in another sister’s life. Lisa?
Brian: Her best friend’s called Lisa.

Sally: There’s a baby there.
Brian: She had a baby boy and, bizarrely, my sister was planning a second baby but put it on hold because Lisa’s getting married. We’re not happy with her.

Sally : Your sis will be at least 6 weeks pregnant when Lisa gets married. The baby will be named Grace and Lisa’s going to be angry because that’s the name she wanted for her baby. Did Lisa break her ankle?
Brian: She broke her leg. She had a nightmare accident that cost someone their life.

Sally: Lisa’s got a story about it.
Brian : She’s always been very secretive about what happened, it was so traumatic.

Sally: Was there someone called Loray or Lorraine in the car?
Brian: I don’t know. There was a little baby in the car.

Sally Did the little girl die?
Brian: Yes. She went through the windscreen. Oh my God, the baby was called Lauren!
Actually, I’ve been thinking recently that I’d like a child. Will I have one?

Sally: I think you are going to be with someone who has enough money where anything could happen for you if you wanted. It’ll be your baby genetically and a mini you. You’ll have two little girls.
Brian : Wow! What do you think when I say the name Keith?

Sally: I immediately want to do that (sticks her teeth out). Has he got buck teeth?
Brian: Yes! We call him “rabbit!”
What about Arthur?

Sally: Is he a dancer?
Brian Yes, he’s a very popular commercial dancer.

Sally: I really like him because what you see is what you get.
Brian: What about me and Arthur?

Sally: You’d have a laugh with him but he wouldn’t really light your fire. You want a proper man!

You and your family have all got long lives just don’t have liposuction!

Sally’s career predictions for Brian.

Brian will be offered a talk show and he’ll do a comedy film that will have a cult following, starring either Will Smith or Tom Cruise

Brian’s verdict

It’s bizarre. Sally got so many things right. How did she know Keith looks like a rabbit? It was exciting about my career I’m going to be a Hollywood star! It’s changed my opinion of psychics!.

Sally Morgan website


24 Jan 2005 by admin

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