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Q&A Brian Dowling - Total TV Guide 2-8 October 2004

Q&A Brian Dowling

Darling Dowling: Brian has moved onwards and upwards since his Big Brother win

After winning the second series of Big Brother in 2001, it was only a matter of time before charismatic Irishman Brian Dowling landed a job as a TV presenter. His first gig came in the form of Saturday morning kids' show SM:tv Live. Since then, the former cabin crew supervisor has had his own makeover series Brian's Boyfriends and co-hosted The Good Soap Guide. This week Brian, 26, returns to front I'm Famous And Frightened Extra.

  • Are you a scaredy cat?
    I get frightened by scary movies; I can't really watch them. I always think there's someone under my bed waiting for me. Well, one can always hope...

  • What do you think of the celebrities on this year's I'm Famous And Frightened?
    They're not necessarily A-list, but everyone watching will know who they are. If you lock up a load of celebrities in a haunted castle, people will be interested, whoever they are. They want to see people's reactions to being put in that situation.

  • Have you ever seen a ghost?
    No, never. Well, I have seen myself first thing in the morning - not nice.

  • Do you still keep in touch with anyone from BB2?
    Narinder, is the only one I speak to. She's one of my good friends. A lot of people think she's just a nasty b!tch, but she's not really.

  • What did you think of this year's Big Brother?
    I watched the last few weeks and voted for Nadia to win. I think she was the true star of the show.

  • Have you met her?
    Twice. I thought she was really sweet and feminine.
    I gave her some advice: I told her to start making the right decisions and not to do stuff just for the money; not to take on work she didn't want to do.

  • Do you miss getting up early on Saturdays to do SM:tv Live?
    Honestly, no. I think it was the right time to go, because they wanted to change the show.

  • Do you watch its replacement, Ministry of Mayhem?
    No. And I don't think it could ever be as successful, because I don't think any Saturday show can. SM:tv Live was one of the best going and it will be hard to top that. Plus, Tess and I were really damn good - I've got to blow my own trumpet once in a while, because no one is going to blow it for me!.

    Famous and Frightened Extra on Sunday and Monday hosted by BB2 winner and former SM:tv Live presenter Brian Dowling. 'They asked me to take part last year but I said no' he says. ' I don't really like scary things'

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