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My Favourite Telly. Heat 14-20 August 2004

Brian Dowling

He'll never watch football, not even for Becks.

    I love Coronation Street - my mate Antony Cotton's playing the new gay character in it soon. I went up to Manchester a couple of weeks ago to see the set. I can't get enough of The Rovers

    Vernon Kay. I have to say that or Tess would kill me! Or maybe Bo' Selecta!'s Michael Jackson - he's a bad "mo-fu"!

    It would have to be shepherd's pie with ketchup. I love snuggling up on the couch with a big plate

    Anything with sport in it. I didn't watch any of Euro 2004. I've got no interest in football at all, even if David Beckham's playing.

    Horoscopes A Big Brother Special!


    The world of astrology tells them - and you - who should be with who.

    Marco Sabba (Taurus) & Brian Dowling (Gemini)

  • Hot romance?
    Masochistic bull-boys like Marco are attracted to mates more powerful then them. Brian is a much-loved, much-rated BB2 winner. Say no more.....

  • Sexual sparks?
    Insecure (and occassionaly vain) twin-types need constant approval when it comes to doing the deed - so Marco's squeals and claps should work wonders.

  • But could they live together?
    Hmm. Inherently moody Taureans can be very anti-social, and that may crush a genial Gemini's spirits in the long run.

  • And what would their babies be like?
    Like their frank and fearless Taurean dad, they'll not be afraid to speak their minds. And, like their sharp and savvy Gemini other Dad, they'll do it with style and wit.

  • 22 Oct 2004 by admin

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