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New Magazine 16.8.2004


Big Brother 2 winner Brian Dowling burst onto our screens in 2001, with more squeals, camp capers and hilarious antics than we could ever have hoped for. But as well as being smart and witty, Brian had his wits about him and layed low for a while after leaving the house. A few months later, he landed a job as a presenter on SM:tv and the 26 year old from Co Kildare in Ireland, has since become one of the most successful ex-housemates ever.

Most fade into oblivion after appearing on the show, but Brian has worked almost constantly, presenting ITV makeover show, Brian's Boyfriends, doing the voice-over for The Salon, and, more recently, presenting the Good Soap Guide and I'm Famous and Frightened for Livingtv.

In spite of all this, and his recent stint on Livingtv's Celebrity Extra, rumours of his career in trouble have been rife, with some newspapers referring to him as "unemployed" during the few months he took off earlier this year. But when we meet Bri, he's on top form and looking trim - doing impressions of BB's Nadia, showing off dance moves and chatting freely about sex, success and celebs...[/b]

So own up, do you have a boyfriend right now?

That is the thing...[mock dramatic pause] no boyfriend. Am I dating at the moment? Well kind of, but if you talk about it you create something about it and [the press attention] just gets really bad. People always thought I was asexual, but I'm not, I just would have long periods of not having any sex.

What's the longest you've gone without sex?

Probably about nine months. But it didn't bother me because I was having a life and I wasn't even dating anyone.

So what's your type?

I just like people who make me laugh and who are genuinely nice people. I'm very shy in a relationship. It takes me ages to let my guard down. I think sex is overrated, having sex is completely overrated. I'm just not very sexual at all.

Is it true you sh***ed one of the producers from Big Brother?

S**g is a very strong word to use. I wouldn't say s**g.


The truth is that when I came out of the house I got very drunk and so did he, and it was a moment of madness. It was no big deal. We still text each other, actually. The papers made out like [puts on a dramatic headline voice], "Sex-starved housemate: we reveal Big Brother's lusty lover."

What do you think of this year's Big Brother? Who is your favourite?

I love Nadia - She has no game plan. And, my God, she dresses so well - she's so stylish. And [imitating her] that voice!

Who do you think has the best career prospects?

Honestly? Probably Michelle because she gets her tits out. But whether she'll have the longevity of Jordan I don't know.

Does Stuart float your boat?

No, too bland, not my type. I've always gone for personality. I would never date anyone like Stuart - He's too immature, I just couldn't be bothered.

What about the lovely Jason?

He's so vile. My flatmate said he would queue for five hours in the rain and snow just to shout "You F***ing tw*t" at him. He's going to get so much abuse.

Do you feel that there are certain people just waiting for your career to crash?

Yes, because I was never meant to make it. People always slag off reality shows. I wanted time off earlier this year. I could have worked, but I didn't, and it was like, "Oh yeah the failure." I'm like "How am I a failure? I've worked for three years."

What's your fitness regime?

[Pulls up T-Shirt to reveal a very trim tum] What do you think? I have a trainer, but it's difficult keeping the weight off. I've gained alot of weight recently, I'm very conscious of it.

Do you eat when you're depressed?

I never really get depressed but I eat when I'm bored. I like my food. I don't think I look bad, and since I've been going to the gym, I've lost an inch off my tummy!

Do you get alot of attention on the gay scene?

I get alot of nasty attention from gay men. A lot of times I get called "fatty" and that really bugs me. I remember some guy actually heaved when he saw me. One time someone said "fatty" and I just started crying and I had to leave the club. The minute I walk into a gay bar, I get elbowed, I can't get to the bar and than I'll have a drink poured over me. It stops me going out sometimes because I just can't be bothered.

You've mingled with a lot of celebs, who haven't you liked?

I found Noel from Hear'Say particularly rude. He was so dismissive and made me feel like a heap of dog poo. I thought "You're a vile tw*t." But then I saw the documentary on TV when he cried and I felt sorry for him. And then there was a girl from Hollyoaks - I'm not going tom name her - Who I thought was rude.

Elize du Toit?

She is just rude, I think. She wasn't rude to me but I've seen her - I think she could be quite rude. I find some of the Hollyoaks girls are a bit rude, I don't know why that is.

Simon Amstell, who presents C4's Popworld, has said a couple of things about you. What do you think of him?

Have I met the guy? No. Have I ever said nasty things about him? No. Yet he slags me off - calls me "The orange tw*t who won Big Brother". But you know what? I may be orange, I may be a tw*t, but let people who know me say that, not some goofy presenter from that tw*tty show he does. And he's not exactly an oil painting is he? I'd rather be orange than pasty like him! He's like something you see in a ghost train.

How was it stepping in for Richard Arnold presenting the Good Soap Guide?

I was sh***ing it because he's so good. When you're standing in for someone, all you can do is your best, like on SM:tv. I'm sick of standing in for people [screaming] I want my own show! Anyway, I went on the set of Coronation Street, which was pretty cool, meeting Deirdre and Ken, and they were like "Hi Brian!" I was like "Oh God they know my name!" It was pretty surreal. At the glamour awards I was sitting next to Sadie Frost and I said "Hello I'm Brian, how are you?" and I'm thinking "It's Sadie Frost!" I have to pinch myself sometimes!

Brian hosts Celebrity Extra on Livingtv for a week from August 16 at 8pm.

13 Aug 2004 by admin

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