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The Star Interview - Brian Dowling. Star Magazine 2.8.2004

by Christian Guiltenane

Since he won Big Brother 2 in 2001, the lovely Brian Dowling had been having a ball presenting shows like SM:tv Live, Brian's Boyfriends and I'm Famous and Frightened! The fresh-faced Irishman is also set to host Celebrity Extra on Livingtv this month.

Though the openly gay cheeky chappy is keen to put his Big Brother links well and truly behind him, he took time out to have a chinwag with us about this year's scandalous series.

So Brian, who's been your favourite housemate so far in BB5?
"Nadia. What she's come through to get to where she is has to be commended."

Have you seen the pictures of her as a man?
"I thought she looked like a lesbian. But I really don't see her as a man. And she has great tits. I like it when she's in the shower and she's soaping them. You can just imagine the cameraman getting all steamed up."

What do you think of the other contestants...Victor for example?
"Victor is a thug. The things he has come out with are so crappy and bullsh**ty. He should just shut up. He's vile and has such a big bum."

And what about Jason?
"At first, when he walked in with the thong, I thought he'd be a lot of fun. But then he turned out to be a vain idiot. I watched it the other day and he was standing there naked putting on a false tan. Why would you do that? Jason is just not a nice person. He is evil."

Are you into the Stu and Michelle affair?
"I find the whole thing hard to understand. I compare it to Helen and Paul. Their relationship was slow. But the Stuart and Michelle thing has happened too quickly. I mean, they were in bed together naked in just the second week. I can't imagine their families have been very happy with them about all the sex."

This year's housemates have got their kit off a lot, haven't they?
"There has been a lot, but it's what the show's producers seem to want. I wouldn't really have felt comfortable in this year's house. I probably would have been kicked out straight away.
"But I have respect for my family, so you would have never caught me doing anything dirty underneath a bed sheet."

And what about the fight?
"I thought it was terrible. Nadia should have grabbed Victor and Jason and just beat the cr@p out of them. Jason is such a big bully. Poor Emma got kicked out. Nobody should have been chucked out."

So what makes a winner?
"Someone who doesn't take the show too seriously and someone who doesn't have a game plan. So I would go for Nadia."

It's been three years since you won Big Brother. Can you believe that you've established yourself as a respected TV presenter?
"It's funny because I do kind of forget about it until a new series of it starts again. And when it does come around, I do feel there's a slight pressure because everyone's always asking what the old BB people are doing.
"I've been lucky because I've presented stuff as far ranging as Brian's Boyfriends through to The Good Soap Guide and I'm Famous and Frightened. So I'm very pleased."

When you hosted SM:tv Live, you became the first openly gay kids'-TV presenter...
"All the kids thought I fancied Tess, while their parents would ask me if I had managed to find myself a boyfriend yet."

Does it bug you that Jade Goody is just famous for being famous and earning a packet for it?
"You see, when I left Big Brother I turned down quite a lot of stuff. Hundreds of thousands of pounds, in fact. I probably could have made a lot more than I did.
"I didn't want to sell stories. Jade does a lot of tabloid stuff and people really do want to read about her. But there has to be a line about how much stuff you hand over to the press."

Whats the worst thing about being famous?
"The fact that you can't do what you did before. You're always conscious of it. When I'm with pals, i can relax a lot more.
"But when I go to gay places I'm very self-conscious because a lot people have been nasty to me. They call me fatty or stupid things, and I think 'Whatever.' I get a lot of hassle. Gay people aren't very friendly to me."

Why do they call you "fatty"? You look great.
"Well, people do throw around comments about weight a bit too easily. I do worry about weight. I've been called 'fatty' and 'fatty celebrity' and 'Bigger Brother' and I find it hurtful when I look in the mirror. I know I've put on around a stone since Big Brother. But it's natural. I'm getting older - I'm 26 now."

So has fame made you irresistable to men?
"I wish! I find trying to date these days a lot harder. I had this idea that you had to be careful especially when I was on a kids' show and I didn't want to rub my gayness into people's faces."

Do you know if any celebrity men fancy you?
(Bashfully) "None."

Are you sure? Your face is telling us another story.
"I swear! They haven't, honestly. But any celebrity man who wants to ask me on a date, can.
"A lot of people aren't as openly gay as me, so it's more difficult for them."

Well, there was a rumour that you once had a smooch with a certain Will Young...
(Brian looks bashful again), of course not...I mean...I'm actually embarrased now for no reason...Aaaah! No, that's''s so much lies! I swear to God, we've never snogged.

It wouldn't be so bad if you did. He's lush!
"He's a really lovely-looking guy. But he hasn't kissed me. I would totally be in my element if Will Young was to kiss me."

So you would like him to kiss you, then?
"Aaaaaaaah! Change the subject now! I beg of you. Hahahahaha!"

If you could turn a hot straight stud gay for the day, who would it be?
"David Beckham. We'd go shopping and talk about Victoria. I'd want to know what she's like when she gets up in the morning. What she's like to snog..."

Do you fancy having kids?
"I've got six younger sister. I'd like to have a baby."

Have you got a gal pal to help you?
"Narinder. Can you imagine the pair of us having a baby? It would be just like Satan. That child would be so gobby and probably small - with Narinder's stunted growth and my big mouth. That poor child would be totally hated."

Dean from BB2 has written a book in which he suggests you had a saucy encounter with a BB producer.
"It was a night of silliness... It happened after I got out. I'd been locked up for nine weeks, I was single, the person in hand was single. I was so drunk, I think I passed out. And that is the truth. We're still good pals now, though."

You're a massive Britney fan. Are you concerned for her at the moment?
"Her mum must be hanging by her own rosary beads. She must be going, 'Why did I force my five-year-old daughter to be a singer?' I love Britney. She's young; people make mistakes."

Finally, you seem to be a friend to the stars. Whose phone numbers do you have on your mobile?
"Let's see. There's Jenny Frost. Narinder. H and Claire from Steps. Tess, Vernon, Cat. Javine - loving the weave!
"And then there's Jennifer Lopez - you might know her. Kylie, Madonna, Britney. Micheal Jackson, who is so innocent, by the way. Oh yeah, and Elizabeth Windsor. And William. William the prince, not Young!

28 Jul 2004 by admin

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