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Radio1 Vernon Kay - Brian Interview 12th June 2004

Transcript by Sharon

V: We’ve got a very special guest in the house …. It’s Brian Dowling!

B: Hi, good morning everyone! Good morning Vernon!

V: Hi Brian

B: You always laugh at me Vernon

V: With an introduction like that Brian I cannot stop myself

B: Ok. Let’s be honest, I deserve it though

V: How are you?

B: I’m ok actually, how are you?

V: We’re really good, we’re enjoying the football free zone that we’re trying to create this morning

B: Why?

V: Well you wouldn’t know this but its Euro 2004, it kicks off today

B: Oh I believe that England are playing France tomorrow

V: [color=black]V: Yes! Well done. I’m glad you came in on our football free zone

B: Thank you

V: Because if there’s anyone on this planet who knows nothing about football, in fact nothing about sport

B: That’d probably be me

V: Yes

B: Thank you

V: Yes. Now the reason we’ve got you in is because there’s a very big show on at the moment

B: Right

V: It’s ever so popular

B: What’s it called?

V: Strictly Come Dancing

B: Right!

V: Yeah, no, but one that is just as popular, Big Brother 5. I do believe

B: Big Brother?

V: Have you heard of it?

B: I think I’ve heard of it. I’ve been watching it obviously

V: Right, and what do you think, initial reaction so far, we’ll go into detail later. We’ll do the Big Brother’s Little Brother thing in a moment, I’ll get my clipboard, only joking

B: It is a house full of mad people

V: Really?

B: Yeah, they’re all very wild this year, I think

V: Right

B: I think the stuff that they’ve been doing we did over a period of nine weeks but they’ve packed it into the first two weeks. A lot of kissing

V: OK. Well you’ve never really come out well you have

B: Well clearly

V: But you’ve never really come out and spoken about Big Brother have you?

B: Not really, no

V: About your experiences in the house

B: No I’ve never

V: So we’re going to get kind of an exclusive

B: Yes you are Vernon! Only to you, because I love you

V: Thank you Brian

B: You’re welcome

V: And we love you too

V: When you went into the house did you realise what you were getting yourself into?

B: Well not really, because I went into the second series three years ago and obviously we watched the first series but we didn’t really know what happened to contestants from the first series so then I went into the second series. I kind of went in not knowing what was going to happen but I really enjoyed it, I don’t really have any bad stories or bad times, I had a great time. I loved it, whew!

V: You’re so lying!

B: I’m not lying. I mean it was difficult I think for me after week six, it was difficult because all my friends got kicked out and I started to panic a little bit and because I’d never been up for nomination I didn’t really know if people liked me or not, so I went through a stage of not really knowing and then obviously because I won I kind of thought people liked me

V: But watching it back do you think that there were some things that happened in the house that they didn’t show?

B: Well people always say this editing thing but I think if you say something you generally say it, you know you can’t blame anything for that, but obviously I do believe, you know, obviously there are so many people in there they can’t show everything and they probably show things they think is funny which leaves out other people doing things that are funny. So yeah Channel 4 decide what they want to show

V: So now we’re in series five so you mentioned at the top of that, yeah, that you didn’t really know what you were getting yourself into

B: No. Because I mean the first series obviously was successful but it wasn’t as successful as they are now because it was the first series, so I think when we went onto series 2 that was really successful and I think any one who goes on the show now obviously knows what can happen

V: So how many people voted for you?

B: Nearly 4.3 million people

V: Wow, that’s a lot

B: I think, I’m not quite sure

V: Imagine if you got a penny for every vote

B: I’d be a millionaire, would I be a millionaire? Yeah I would be a millionaire; it took me a while to work that one out actually!

V: So now lets go back to Big Brother 5. You said you didn’t know what you were getting yourself into

B: No of course not

V: Do you think that these people know how to play the game?

B: Yes, I would say that there’s certain people going into the show now because it’s the fifth series, I wouldn’t say have an agenda but kind of know what they want to get from the show which is fair enough, if they want to go in there and make some money but I think some of them now are playing maybe a bit of a game, have an agenda

V: I think the show has evolved though like the evil Big Brother, that was a good ploy, right at the top

B: Yes of course it was

V: At the start of the series and I love the fact that they wake them up with different noises every morning

B: Did you see that gentleman Ahmed with the plates? Shut up! That’s really good. That’s a really good idea

V: Then he went and had a cry!

B: Yes, big baby! But you can imagine when you’re in there it is really annoying, anything can set you off. The smallest thing can really annoy you

V: Really?

B: And the house is much smaller than it was before and there’s more people, there was only 10 when I was there and it was a big house, now there’s 12 and it’s a much smaller house, plus they’re planning loads of games, those two girls last night that were evicted but they weren’t

V: They’ve gone into a bed sit

B: They have indeed

V: Looked a little bit like my student apartment to be honest with you, same wallpaper

B: I don’t like the wallpaper

V: No

B: It’s a bit scary

V: I didn’t think you would! Brian

B: Of course not

V: To be honest with you

V: So who’s your favourite person in the house at the moment?

B: I don’t really have a favourite yet because its only been two weeks and I think people are just getting really carried away. I think I’ll have to wait another few weeks because I want to get it right. I’ve got to pick the person that I think is going to win so I don’t want to say any names just yet

V: Right

V: Your hair looks lovely! [Laughs] Oh dear

V: Brian you’re like a mischievous little boy!

B: I’m behaving myself

V: Doesn’t look like your behaving yourself

B: I am

V: Oh dear dear

V: [Plays a few bars of Kelis: Milkshake] For you Brian!

B: Thank you [Brian sings]: My milk shake brings all the boys to the yard. They’re like it’s better than yours. Damn right …..

V: Alright, alright

B: Couldn’t tell us apart there could you? Brian Kelis, I’m not sure. [Vernon laughs] It was me listeners!

V: Brian Dowling’s in the house, former Big Brother winner … You won £70,000. The prize money this year: £100,000

B: Was not happy about that. I was very enraged, but they’re losing it

V: Slowly but surely

B: Hopefully they’ll lose everything and win nothing. I think that would be kind of funny if they were to come out and they’ve got nothing: You’ve won nothing! That would be funny

V: Wouldn’t it be funny if they came out of the house and there was no-one there

B: No that would be really sad

V: Really?

B: Because that would really upset you

V: Really. What was it like when you walked out of the house because everyone went mad?

B: It was bizarre because when I walked out everyone said be careful of the fireworks and I’m walking out of the house going what are they talking about and then when I watched the tape back there was like 25 fireworks going off right beside me no idea. Don’t know why I wore those clothes either

V: So if you were to put money on who you think is going to win Big Brother 5 who would it be?

B: Well I think a lot of people like Dan, don’t they? The hairdresser

V: Dan, Dan

B: Tall, kind of, shaved head

V: Is he from Manchester?

B: I’m not sure, think he could be from Manchester. A lot of people like him because I think he’s quite calm. I think he’s plotting an evil plan, get him out I say

V: We’ve had a lot of text messages, loads and loads of text messages, Brian

B: How many? Flatter me

V: We’ve had a lot, alright?

B: Thank you

V: You’re very well loved and sadly missed

B: Oh Vernon!

V: You are, its quite evident, I’m just reading, here’s one for you: Brian do you think that Marco is totally overdoing the camp thing? From Nick ….

B: Well Nick … I don’t think he is over doing the camp thing, I think Marco is being himself. I think that is who he genuinely is, but he can be a little bit annoying sometimes

V: Here’s one: Mark in Bognor Regis: Brian what do you think about Marco?

B: Well I don’t really know Marco but I think he’s very loud and he does that seal impression [Vernon imitates a seal]. I think people are comparing me to Marco and I don’t know if I should be …

V: It’s funny you should say that Brian because here’s a question for Brian: Is Marco the new Brian Dowling? From Chesh in Crewe

B: No he’s not! No comment

V: There could never be another Brian Dowling

V: Did you fancy Josh in the house?

B: No, not at all

V: Do you keep in touch with any of the former BB housemates?

B: Only one person which is Narinder, a good friend of mine, no one else

V: There will never be another winner like you Brian, you are the best and I love you. Tony from Brum

B: Oh Tony!

V: That’s Tony with a ‘Y’

B: I was very lucky, I was really, I was given an opportunity when I left the house I have been given opportunities to work and do amazing things

V: Here’s another one, you are going to laugh at this: Brian will you be my fwend? That’s from Gerry in Brighton

B: Gerry I’d like to be your friend

V: You know what you’ve done now, you’ve opened the flood gates of psychopaths

B: STOP IT! He’s probably a genuinely nice boy

V: He probably is, he probably is

V: So what do you think about this bed sit thing?

B: I think it’s a really good idea, and I think Emma and Michelle are the right people to go in there … but I just hope people bitch about them when they’ve gone, I hope they really backstab cos if they don’t it won’t work, cos then if people backstab them when they come into the house they’ll be settling old scores because they can nominate, whilst they are in the bed sit they can nominate people and when they come back into the house they can’t be nominated. I think it will be good but people have to bitch and backstab

V: Right

B: Just to make it watchable

V: Who was a nasty piece of work in yours? Big Brother 2?

B: I don’t know. Me and Josh didn’t get on, I wouldn’t say he was a nasty piece of work but …

V: You don’t like him though do you?

B: Not really, no! [Vernon laughs]

[B: Oh no I shouldn’t have … VERNON KAY! I wouldn’t say I don’t like him just that we don’t have that much in common …

V: I think you do!

B: No we don’t! I think people just presume we do, we don’t. He was a nice guy. I think Stuart didn’t go down too well in the house either, but you know ..

V: You don’t like him

B: People I don’t see anymore, so no comment

V: Right ok

V: Well I think they’ve done the right thing in getting …. At first when I saw the new series Big Brother 5 I thought oh crikey its just like watching twelve show reels

B: Yes, they were a bit, la la la look at me!

V: Its showbiz!

B: Yes

V: But now that they’ve settled down I think they’re showing their true characters, a week or two into the show, how many weeks has it been on? Two weeks

B: What I find bizarre is that when they’re in there they have obviously got a plan but they are telling people what their plan is and the viewers decide who wins its like: Shut up Victor! Shut up Jay! Because if they say that stuff people go: I don’t like you

V: Victor makes me laugh with some of his comments

B: He’s so cool

V: “Check out my girlfriend …”

B: I don’t like him behave! I don’t like him, he thinks he’s God’s gift, and he ain’t

V: Well, ok

V: …… tickets to see The Bees, are you a fan of The Bees Brian?

B: bzzzzzzzzzzzzz[/color] [Vernon laughs]

[color=black]V: Only when they sting his bum

V: Beverley Knight … great track from her …. Awesome

B: She’s got nice blond highlights, streaks

V: Really? A bit like yourself! [Vernon laughs]

V: Without question this year’s Big Brother 5 is a HUGE success

B: Has it been successful?

V: Yes, doing very well in the ratings. Big Brother’s Little Brother is another storming success with Dermot

B: Dermot’s great though

V: Oh of course and Davina Friday nights, Friday nights aren’t they, wouldn’t be the same without her

B: Did we see Davina’s ring last night?

V: I’ve never seen Davina’s ring

B: It was very sparkly and Zhuzhy!

V: Really?

B: I was quite jealous of the ring

V: Oh ok, fair enough

V: ….. Brian, are you a big fan of Keane?

B: I am now. Not really. I am of course, I love Keane, Wow, go Keane! He’s great, the band are great, Keane’s even better.
[Vernon laughs a lot]

V: Oh fantastic

V: Wow! So Brian Dowling, what was the worst task you ever had to do in the Big Brother house?

B: Watching a fire, keeping a fire alight for about 7 days. That was really horrible.

V: Have you heard anything about what they may do in the new Big Brother house, Big Brother 5?

B: [Brian in Italian accent] No, I know nothing

V: Really? What would you like to see happen?

B: I would love people to really just be nasty and just cause so much hassle and like really hate each other, physical fights that would be fantastic

V: What did you think of Kitten?

B: Didn’t like her

V: Really? Why not?

B: I just thought she was too boisterous … when you go on Big Brother it is an opportunity of a lifetime, ‘cause only 10 12 people get picked every year. I think she completely … she had loads of debt. If she had been sensible she could have stayed in the house, made a bit of money for herself and cleared her debts, but oh no, she just went in and just went wild and just acted like such a fool I think

V: Anarchist

B: Yes. Even writing in the windows and the mirrors, ooooh. I think the housemates are glad she’s gone because I could never have lived with anyone like that. I like to conform; I like to do what I’m told.

V: Who do you fancy in the house?

B: At the moment?

V: Yes

B: No-one

V: Really?

B: No-one at all

V: Who’s the guy with the body, who shaved his chest last night?

B: Oh the air steward, Jay, Jason, Jay?

V: Isn’t Jason the Scottish fella?

B: He’s just too much

V: Really?

B: Yeah and he’s like planning his little plots, whispering in people’s ears, oh I’m disliking her, its like: Jay give it up, get out

V: Stuart?

B: No, the Stuart and Michelle thing, I’m not quite sure, that’s not right

V: Right

B: All too fast, too soon

V: Yeah, but look at Helen and Paul

B: Yes, but they didn’t do what they’re doing on national television, they’d respect for their families

V: Ooooooh

B: I think its just a little bit, I think your family, parents and siblings don’t want to see that and I think Michelle’s getting a much harder time than Stuart is

V: But what‘s funny is like last year especially people were, Big Brother is so boring this year. This year it’s come out of the blocks running. Nudity!

B: Yes, but lets be honest …

V: Frolicking! Heavy petting! Kissing! Anarchy!

B: Last year was boring, no-one talked about Big Brother 4, it was like Big Brother 1, 2 3 and then Big Brother 5

V: Everyone’s talking about this one though

B: Yes of course, because I think, yeah but I think it’s all too much too soon, its all happened in two weeks

V: Ok, let’s see what they come up with in the future

B: I think so, watch this space I feel[

V: What are you doing tonight Brian?

B: Mmmmmm I’m busy tonight, I’m hosting an evening at the Astoria, at G.A.Y. Thanks Vernon! So everyone come down and see me on stage, it’ll be fun!

V: [laughs] We’ve just had an e-mail, let me find it, just one second …

B: I must just actually thank everyone …

V: Its here, from Christine: Hi Brian! Everyone at Absolutely Brian (.com) sends their love for your birthday tomorrow, have a great day, enjoy yourself tonight hosting an event at G.A.Y.

B: Thank you Christine, and also Christine thank you for the Chanel goodies, I smell amazing don’t I Vernon?

V: Is that amazing? Is that smell amazing? What do you think Hannah?

Hannah: Gorgeous!

V: Yes

B: Cheers Vernon!

V: No problem Brian, you’re a star!

B: Oh Vernon you’re making me blush[Vernon laughs]

V: Oh dear me! So big thanks to Brian Dowling for coming in for a quick chat about Big Brother. He’s waving! It’s radio Brian!

13 Jun 2004 by admin

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