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My Seven Deadly Sins - Closer Magazine 5-11 June 2004

PRIDE Which of your talents are you most proud of?

I'm proudest of my ability to talk to anyone, anywhere. It's what I'm famous for. And it's great for working in television. I'm definitely not shy.

Which of your physical attributes are you proudest of?

I like my teeth and my eyes. I'm looking in the mirror now - and all I can see is my tummy though. It's always a problem, ha ha!

ENVY What brings out the green-eyed monster in you

I get very jealous if strangers flirt with my partner in bars.
Am I seeing anyone at the moment? Nothing serious. There are no gay weddings on the cards just yet - if there ever is one, Closer is invited.

ANGER When did you last lose your temper?

I lost my temper after a showbiz party last week. Simon Amstell, the presenter of Popworld, called me an ''Oirish twat''. He's never even spoken to me, ever. I saw him at the party giving me dirty looks and thought I was being paranoid. Obviously not. Anyway, he's not exactly an oil painting!

GREED What was the last luxury item you bought?

I bought my friend Simon a fabulous chrome stereo system for his 30th birthday a few weeks ago. And I just love posh luggage. Louis Vuitton, Gucci, you name it. They're kind of like my children.

SLOTH When are you at your laziest?

In the mornings, definitely. After 4 years of 4am starts as an air steward and then getting up at 5.30am to do Sm:tv, I hate mornings. I got up at 10am today. I'm still sitting around in my underwear now(it's 11.30).

GLUTTONY What's your favourite food?

I love proper meals. Shepherd's Pie, sausage and mash. Anything carb heavy. I do go to the gym now though. My trainer makes me go two or three times a week.

LUST What's the most lustful things you've ever done

I lust after food all the time. Oh, this is about sex, isn't it. It's hard meeting people. They all think I'm annoying idiot, then speak to me and say: ''I didn't realise you were so nice''. That happens all the time. But I'm not a slut! [/b]

13 Jun 2004 by admin

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