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The Salon Brian Dowling Interview 28.10 2003

The Brian Dowling Interview
28 October 2003, 16:50

The Salon Staff might be the kings and queens of hair and beauty but behind the scenes we've got our very own style icon, the very lovely Mr Brian Dowling.

And we caught up with Brian in between his breathless stints in the voice over studio, to quiz him on his daily beauty regime, what he wants for Christmas, and, most importantly, who he thinks wrote that anonymous report...

Web: How long does it take you to get ready?
Brian: Normally, about 45 minutes to an hour. But for a hot date (which I haven't had for a while), um, about a week.

Web: A week?
Brian: Well you need to get new clothes, go to the gym, have a haircut, get a self tan...yes, a week.

Web: All for one hot date?!

Web: You always look fantastic. Tell us about your daily beauty regime.
Brian: [looking chuffed] I get up in the morning, I have a shower and wash my hair every day, I brush my teeth two or three times a day, I moisturise twice a day, I use cleanser and toner, NO SOAP, I use St Tropez moisturiser because I have a fake tan and it stops it fading, and I love eye drops to make my eyes clearer.

Web: Phew. Anything else?
Brian: Chest wax, had a manicure today, and a pedicure 'cos I hate touching my toe nails.

Web: Who would you most trust to cut your hair...Leo, Natasha or Paul?
Brian: Leo...I think he's quite good and he'd keep it trendy and up to date.

Web: Who'd you most trust to give you a massage...Sarah, Jorge or Georgina?
Brian: Sarah...she's very sweet and I met her in the lift and she smelt really nice.

Web: Whose look do you most admire?
Brian: Leo, Terry and Paul always look good. I don't like the way Brooke dresses, think it's a bit much.

Web: One word to describe each of these...
Brian: [on Botox] acceptable, [on crack wax] NEVER, [on Manager Paul] Pleasant.

Web: What about the new Manager?
Brian: I like him a lot more than last series. He's more relaxed and more himself.

Web: Who do you reckon wrote the Anonymous Report everyone's talking about?
Brian: Hmm, sounds like something Terry would say, or maybe Manager Paul himself. Or, can Louis do it? Or can John? But to say Sarah's 'deceitful' is someone who knows her. Someone in the beauty room? I'm not sure...

Web: What do you want for Christmas?
Brian: A laptop. I want to learn to use a computer and emails and stuff.

28 Oct 2003 by admin

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