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WHAT A GAY DAZE, CHERIE! Daily Mirror 11.10.2003

She asks camp Brian why he can't get a girl!

YOU'D think all that walking around the Houses of Parliament would help Cherie Blair know a gay man when she spots one.

But the QC and part-time judge dropped a clanger on Thursday night when she asked one of the country's most famous homosexuals, The Salon's Brian Dowling, why the 2001 Big Brother winner couldn't find a girlfriend.

We kid you not...

The Prime Minister's wife was at the annual gala of Breast Cancer Care, of which she is patron, at the London Hilton. Brian, 24, was hosting the bash when Cherie spotted him. "It was really embarrassing," reveals an insider. "Cherie went over to thank Brian for his help and they were having a general chit-chat. He's known for being saucy but looked to be on his best behaviour that night.

"But he nearly choked when they got on to the topic of girlfriends. Cherie asked him: 'So, Brian, where's your girlfriend tonight? Have you got one?'" Cue blushes all round.

Camp Brian, lost for words for what must be the first time in his life, looked at the ground and muttered: "Erm, er... no... I mean, erm, not really." Unperturbed, Cherie pushed the subject, asking: "Oh, right, then. Well, why not? A great-looking guy like you shouldn't have any trouble finding a girlfriend." But the penny STILL didn't drop when someone listening in started laughing.

Our source adds: "But because a few people were giggling nervously and Brian was trying to work out what to say to her, she looked embarrassed and joked: 'Don't tell me you've got a boyfriend?'

"It was hilarious. Both Brian and Cherie were bright red and he was just like: 'Erm, yes, that's kind of more near the mark.'" The shame.

At least Cherie saw the funny side of it, joking: "Oh dear, well, maybe you'll find one here tonight" before walking off to mingle with Gail Hipgrave, Lisa Snowdon, Louise Redknapp, Paul O'Grady, Vanessa Feltz and the other guests. Oops.

12 Oct 2003 by admin

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