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Brian Dowling NowUK Mag July 2003

In the past I have had mixed feelings about Brian Dowling but your interview with him made me realize that I had been too harsh on him.

When Brian first appeared on our TV screens it was easy to dismiss him as just another camp queen looking for his fifteen minutes of fame. I apologise profusely to him for that. As I have come to realise we owe a lot to Brian.

There may be plenty of other gay TV presenters out there such as Graham Norton, but would they ever dare put Graham on before the watershed? I think not. Brian Dowling is the first openly gay man to make it in children's TV, this is especially amazing as in some people's minds the prejudice still exists which links homosexuality to child abuse, something that TV executives are very aware of.

Ok, Brian doesn't make any overtly political statements or challenge anyone's perception of what it is to be gay, but he does add to the everyday acceptance of the gay community as a whole. However you feel about him that can't be a bad thing. He is just himself on screen, something few gay men are allowed to be even in this day and age.

Keep up the good work Brian and NowUK.

Vincent, London (email)

¡Newsflash -word on the street is that Brian is set to leave SM:tv after two years for new pastures, NowUK will keep you posted as we find out more.

01 Aug 2003 by admin

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