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Caught With Yer Pants Down. J17 July 2003

He's the queen of one-liners, a total gossip and not afraid to dish the dirt on other celeb types. J17 hooks up with Brian Dowling....

Who's the naughtiest celeb you've ever met?
Christina Aguilera did a raunchy dance when she came on the show and everybody saw her skimpy pants. I had to take her shopping afterwards and buy her a nice new pair of knickers from Next!

You're a good-looking guy- has anyone famous ever tried to pull you?
Justin Timberlake tried to chat me up but I like to keep that one quiet! Ooh imagine if he had! I'd be over there now, washing his dishes as we speak!

You're also pretty outspoken, would you tell someone if their flies were undone?
Oh yes! Kian from Westlife was just wandering around on the show with his pants out once so I had to tell him!

Mmm, wouldn't of minded seeing that! So, who's your fave boyband?
Westlife and Blue, definitely. Triple Eight and D-side will be massive and Busted are nice boys. Blazin' squad aren't my cup of tea, though- I don't know any of their names.I just have to shout "Oi, you!" when they're on!

And who do think is rubbish?
One True Voice. Well they're OK, but their single didn't do that well. I really like the cheeky girls song, though ( starts singing Take your shoes off v. loudly)

Who's the nicest celeb you've met?
Britney was brilliant and she touched my bum! That was before she went off the rails-I'll have to call her and find out what's going on there. I don't know if I like her new hair, either. I think that was a bit of a mistake.

Is having your own show going to turn you into a diva?
No way! if I was at a J.Lo level of fame then maybe, but I'm nowhere near yet! Actually, I'd quite like to do a bit of presenting with her. This Morning with Brian and J.Lo.... Whaddya think?

Sounds like a winner! What about your co-star Tess- you looking forward to her wedding?
Yeah, I'm going to make sure that Tess regrets the day she ever met me! I'm going to wear the same colour as her. I want to catch the bouquet and hopefully I'll be the matron of honour, too!

Have you ever been caught with your pants down?
I had a full -frontal while I was on Big Brother. Let's just say it worked wonders for the show. the ratings went through the roof!

Brian's Boyfriends will be on ITV1 from Tuesday 27 May

More of a girly giggle than your best mate and a TV flasher, Brian's a real 'pants down' kinda guy!

31 Jul 2003 by admin

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