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5.7.2003: BYE BYE BRIAN!


Saturday July 5th 2003 was a very sad day for everyone. No more so than our very own Brian who presented his very last SM:tv Live. In a show devoted to his past 20 months of brilliant presenting on the show, we were witness to one of the most emotional scenes SM:tv must have ever seen, when the first few chords of “Don’t go Changing” began.

The whole show a very fitting tribute to Brian whom we have seen transformed from a very raw but talented novice, to an established and respected TV presenter in the space of 20 months.

It was thought that Brian would continue until his contract expired in August, but it was reported in the press that had to leave early because he had been lined up to present his own game show on Irish television station RTE.

There have been many comments made in the media and people close to Brian recently with regard to him leaving SM:tv, including …”His up-for-it antics, down-to-earth charm and endless energy have made him one of the hottest faces on telly.” –Daily Star. “Bosses at SM:tv Live say the Irish man's departure will lose the programme so many viewers that there's no point carrying on.” – Daily Mirror. “Brian, who has been on SM:tv since December 2001, is leaving to work on other projects and is in talks about doing a prime time show,” -CBBC. “He's working on some new ideas with Tess.” - Heat.

Therefore the future seems to be looking very bright for our ‘shining star‘ BRIAN!!

View all the screenshots from Brian's last SM:tv HERE

27 Jul 2003 by admin

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