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Brian's TV career is blooming! Heat 31st May 2003

Brian's TV career is blooming, But does he still watch BB?

What's the concept behind your new show?

Girls write in listing three problems that their boyfriends have. It could be anything from,"He's got bad breath," to, "He's got revolting table manners," or, "He's an ignorant pig and he treats me like dirt". Then we surprise the boyfriend at work and I take him away to make him over.

So what makes you qualified to do that?

I don't know. I'm brutally honest, I like to help, I like shopping and I think I'm good at picking out clothes for other people. It's fun; It's not too serious. I'm sure in some of the shows I will get it wrong. Like if he's a bad cook - I dont know how to cook.

What if he's a bad kisser?

I don't know this yet and it's a bit worrying [laughs nervously]. I can see it turning up in all the magazines and me going, "Oh My God." I think we'd probably have to get some girls to kiss him.

Do you find you have to censor yourself for the kids on SM:tv?

Yes, of course. You've got to. You can't be going out and getting pissed, because it doesn't look good.

Do you have to be careful with your love life as well?

Yes, I've got to be very careful. The thing is, I'd never go out with a guy and be seen publicly kissing him anyway. But the fact that I'm doing childrens TV.... Parents might think, "Oh Brian's great", but they dont want me rubbing my sexuality in their faces.

Would you ever have a celebrity fling?

Everyone would like a celebrity fling but.... there's no one in the industry that is gay.

Yes there is......

Who? That's out and open? Dale Winton. Openly gay, well he is now. Will Young....

What about Will?

Noooo. I'm sure he's a nice sweet guy, but I've never really spoken to him. I normally go for people much older. He doesn't do it for me. Neither does Dale: there's no spark.

Stephen Gately?

No, not my type. His boyfriend was quite cute though. And he's his ex now......

Will you watch Big Brother this year?

Probably. I didn't watch it much last year, it's very strange. This year they want it to be more like Big Brother 2 - they want more Brians or something. And that sort of pisses me off because I don't want more people like me in the house.

You're the only Big Brother contestant to really make it.....

I've been very lucky. I steered away from all the publicity at first. I kept my head down and then SM:tv Live came along. But if Ant+Dec hadn't left, who knows what I'd be doing?

17 Jul 2003 by admin

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