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Brian Dowling - My TV Favourites. Sunday Express S:2 25th May 2003

Brian Dowling, 25, won the second series of Big Brother and has gone on to forge a successful TV career as the co-host of the hugely popular SM:tv. Brian is single and lives in South London.

What recent TV programmes have you enjoyed the most?

I really like Cutting It. Amanda Holden plays Mia really well.

What was your favourite TV as a child?

Without doubt Dallas - how camp is that?

Who do you admire most on TV?

Definitely Davina McCall. I still speak to her quite regulary and she is absoultely fantastic. Also Ant+Dec - I really aspire them.

What is your favourite TV classic

Dynasty was definitely up there with Alexis Colby or Carrington.... or whatever she was called.

Most embarrassing TV moment?

I was in Edinburgh working on Brian's Boyfriends and we were forced to wear kilts. I thought that going pantless was the thing to do. Anyway, the crew thought it would be funny to pull my kilt up assuming that I was wearing pants.

Your new show is about scruffy boyfriends - have you ever had a scruffy boyfriend?

I have only had one long-term relationship. He wasn't scruffy but he couldn't kiss and was very boring. That's why I am now single.

Who has the most promising TV career - you, Kate Lawler, Craig Phillips or Alex Sibley?

Oh, that's evil. Definitely not Alex. Maybe Craig as he is doing something he really wants to.

Will you be appearing on next year's I'm A Celebrity?

Well, my name was bandied about for the recent series. There was talk that at the end of Big Brother six, all the winners will be put back in the house. Would I go back? I dont know, it depends how I am doing.

17 Jul 2003 by admin

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