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Mr Dowling's Branching Out! Sneak 20th-26th May 2003

He's not taking a break from Brian's Brian or Wonkey Donkey just yet, but SM:tv's Brian has just landed his very own prime time telly show.

Heck, his name's even in the title! so what's it all about?

Well, each week Brian will come to the rescue of girls who do love their boyfriends - but just have one or two tiny things they want to change about them by the cheeky but charming Brian?!

When asked about making the exciting new series, Brian admits that filming two shows at the same time was absolutely knackering, "The days are long -but it's my own series, its on ITV1, and my name's in the title!"he says. "so I'm tired but very happy about it!

"It takes ages to film cos when you're with a camera crew in the street then obviously people are automatically going to look-and when they see you they go- Oh hi Brian and I go hello. If I saw a camera crew in the street, I'd be like oh my God, I've just seen Davina Macall or whatever!"

17 Jul 2003 by admin

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