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Brian will sort it. TV Choice 24.5.2003

by Clair Woodward

Does your boyfriend have a problem that needs to be dealt with? Don’t fear, Brian Dowling is your man...

Big Brother 2 winner and SM:tv Live host Brian Dowling is on a mission to help women whose boyfriends have a problem or three.

In Brian’s Boyfriends he’ll meet a woman whose man needs to improve in three separate areas, set surprises for the man, and make the changes.

‘There’s a guy whose girlfriend says he can’t dance, so we’re going to do something with the Cheeky Girls to get him to improve!’ says Brian.

‘The show has to be entertaining, but as the women are trying to improve their men, we do need to get a result.

‘We have a guy who wants to be an English teacher but has a really strong Cockney accent, so we took him to see a dialogue coach. It was funny to do and watch, but it was a big thing for him and we didn’t want to hurt his feelings.’

Before Big Brother, Brian was an air steward with Ryanair and thinks his experiences have made him qualified to offer advice.

‘You were always listening to problems and dealing with them, and I’m good at giving advice. I discuss problems with my friends and have learnt a lot from them.’

But one thing Brian’s had to learn on his own is how to cope with his new-found fame.

‘Being on TV makes you insecure about what other people think, and you get slated for the oddest things. A magazine labelled me a minger for three weeks running because I wasn’t wearing the right clothes. It was pretty hurtful.

‘What’s worse is when people say you’re seeing someone and you’re not. The closest I got was when I did Celebrity Streetmate for Comic Relief and was set up with a model called Pablo. He was nice, but we haven’t seen each other again. So yes, I’m single!’

16 Jul 2003 by admin

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