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From reality TV to really famous! Shout May2nd-15th

SM:tv's Brian Dowling spills his showbiz secrets!

We recently spotted you being described in a newspaper as 'young, famous and loaded' - is that a fair description?

"I'd say 'young, quite well-known, but not really loaded'. The most I've ever spent in one day was £10,000 in the Gucci shop just after I left the Big Brother house. That was definitely a one-off shopping spree, though".

Who's been the coolest person you've met since you joined SM:tv?

"It has to be Britney. That was my favourite interview because she was really friendly and relaxed. I met J.Lo when she visited too but she didn't have a clue who I was. She was surrounded by so many bodyguards ! I'd love to meet Victoria Beckham, she's brilliant !"

Have you become mates with any of the celebs you've interviewed?

"It's difficult to strike up a relationship because I only get to meet them for about seven or eight minutes. Tess Daly is probably my only true celebrity pal. Oh, and Kylie Minogue gave me some friendly advice about life in showbiz when I bumped into her at the airport one day..."

Before Big Brother, you were a flight attendant - any embarrassing moments at 30,000 feet?!

"My worst moment ever was when my trousers ripped open when I was bending over to serve someone a drink. What a nightmare ! I've had scary moments too - passengers have spat at me and even slashed at me with knives !"

What about the most embarrassing secret from your past?

"That would be the time I tried to flush my baby sister down the toilet ! I was still very young myself, but I could have killed her ! Don't think she'll ever get me back for that one !"

Do you think Jade Goody could follow in your footsteps and become a TV presenter too?

"Let's be honest - Jade hasn't got a chance ! She's done really well out of Big Brother and has probably made a lot of money too but I don't think she'll have a long-term career in showbiz".

Imagine a celebrity Big Brother starring Ant and Dec, Tess, Cat and... J.Lo ! Who do you think would win?

"Well I'd want Tess to win and I reckon J.Lo would be the first person voted out because people would get fed up with her diva demands !"

If you could join any of the bands who've appeared on SM:tv which would it be and why?

"It would have to be between Liberty X - I love their funky songs, especially the one that starts 'Sexy...' - and Atomic Kitten. I could be the fourth pussycat !"

14 Jul 2003 by admin

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