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Inside Brian's Brain. Bubble Magazine 10.4.2003

Whether it's 'Eat My Goal' or 'Brian's Brain', SMTV gives us a reason to get up on a Saturday morning! We had a gossip with Brian and he let us in on some secrets about the guests and presenters on the show.

Whose the naughtiest band in pop?

Blue! They're always playing tricks on me. Once we were pre-recording a scene when they were supposed to pull down my jeans to show these big bloomers I was wearing. But they pulled down the bloomers as well. Luckily it wasn't live but the crew were there!

Do you fancy becaoming a popstar?

I've always wanted to be a popstar but I can't sing, which is a slight problem! I'd have only been on Pop Idol for two minutes!

If you could be in any popband, who would you join?

Liberty X cos they're really, really nice guys and they make really good music.

So, what's a typical day like on SM:tv?

I never go out on a Friday night and I'm in bed before 11pm. Then all that night I'll dream about SM:tv, how sad is that?! I get up at 5.15am and go to the Studio. I say hi to everyone and have some orange juice and a gossip with Tess. Then I'll look at the outfits the stylist has left for me and choose what to wear. After that it's make-up, clothes on, hair done and be ready for about 7.15am. We rehearse with the guests till about 10 mins before the show starts. When the show's finished I go home for a nap!.

Who's been your favourite guest on the show?

Britney - her music's fab and she's not a diva at all. She's so relaxed on set, she's a nice girl.

What about the most outrageous guest?

You'd think Pink would've been a bit mad but she was really nice. We've never had a total diva on the show and no-one's ever been rude.

Come on then, spill some gossip!

I think the guys from Blazin' Squad fancy Tess - all ten of them! They act strangely around her and their knees go wobbly. They're not like that around me!

And what don't we know about Tess and Cat?

Tess eats like a pig! She's not messy but she eats loads and all the time. And Cat can fit a whole wagon wheel biscuit in her mouth!

Who would you like as a guest co-presenter?

Kylie- she's just really nice. And her acting would help loads. She presented with Ant and Dec once and she was great then.

11 Jul 2003 by admin

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