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From an unknown Air Steward to Big Brother Winner and now an SM:tv Live presenter... Brian Dowling has come a long way in the last 18months. Get Set caught up with the loveable Irishman to ask him some probing questions about his past, present and future....

Q. What were you like in school?[/b]
A. I always paid attention and got good grades, B’s and C’s but had to work hard to get them. I wasn’t a swot but was honest and always did my homework on time. I was always told in reports…”Brian talks too much!”

Q. How important was education for you and what advice would you give to students?
A. Very, because I knew it was the basis for my future. You have to stay focussed and pay attention. You need to apply yourself well and work hard to get your grades and try to take a language as it’s important, this will open up many opportunities to you later.

[b]Q. What did you want to be when you were a kid?
A. I went to my careers teacher and I said I wanted to be an Air Steward and they didn’t think it was a good enough career so they advised me to study tourism at college. I got my grades and got my place in my chosen college doing Marketing and Foreign Languages. From there I became a holiday rep and then studied to be an Air Steward as it was still something I wanted to do. I got the job with Ryanair and was there for four years and became Supervisor at 21!

Q. What was your nickname at school and why?
A. Bambi! I don’t know why. I didn’t find this out until I was in the Big brother house!

Q. What advice would you give to a teenager just starting their career?
A. Go after your own dreams. Don’t fulfil the dreams your mum and dad or friends want you to do, let it be your own decision and do something you have always wanted to do.

Q. Who did you get on with most in the Big Brother house?
A. Narinder. She stays at my house a lot, we are best friends.

Q. How did you feel the moment you knew you had won Big Brother?
A. I can’t honestly remember, truthfully my mind is blank. It’s so weird to think that nearly 4.3 million people voted for me to win. It’s fabulous. The whole Big Brother experience was fantastic. I felt numb and can’t remember a thing. I had to watch the tape to see what happened.

Q. Which song makes you happy?
A. Atomic Kitten The Tide is High, or a song which reminds me of someone special.

Q. What is in your CD player at the moment?
A. Blue One Love

Q. How would your friends describe you?
A. They just think “Oh it’s just Brian” They never thought I was funny until they saw me on TV and they laughed! They just think I’m funny and very loud! I know I can be selfish though too.

Q. What has been your greatest moment?
A. Interviewing Britney Spears was the highlight of all I have done so far and also having Kylie call me on my mobile!

Q. What was the worst job you have ever done?
A. I worked in a dog kennels picking up dog poo! Also having to get up at 5am and working on Christmas Day wasn’t really the best job in the world!

Q. How do you spend your nights off?
A. Just relaxing, doing normal things like watching TV, nothing glamorous. I could go to a party or an event I’m invited to every night if I wanted to, but I choose not to. I like to pick and choose the events I want to got to and enjoy being there. I do normal things every day get on the tube, meet friends, go shopping, go to the pub and have a laugh. It’s not all glamorous you know.

Q. If you could have one wish what would it be?
A. To have no prejudice from people and for there to be less ignorance in the world. It would be better if people got on with their own lives instead of poking their noses into others.

Q. What would you do with one million pounds?
A. Buy a gorgeous house in London and just still be me. I wouldn’t do anything extravagant.

Q. What’s the biggest lie you ever told?
A. Lying to Big Brother and my parents about being gay. I told them both about 3 days before I went into the Big brother house.

Q. It must be fun working with children and acting like a teenager again, what’s your most favourite part of SM:tv?
A. The general presenting and interviewing part of it as you get to meet celebrities and sit and chat. I'm useless at both Brian’s Brain and Eat My Goal; they are my least favourite parts.

Q. What’s your ambition/goals for the future?
A. I’m doing something now, which I never thought I would ever do so I would just like to be normal like everyone. To settle down with someone I love and have a nice car and house. I just want to be successful and have a normal life.

10 Jul 2003 by admin

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