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TV's fave comedy couple look bright and breezy every Saturday morning, but how well do Tess and Brian really get on- and which SM:tv guests have left them with sore heads?

Who've you been nervous about interviewing?

Tess "Mariah Carey- in case she had a tantrum! She's quite unpredictable and I think her grip on reality is a little doubtful."
Brian "She didn't even look us in the eye when she spoke to us"

What about the celeb you've loved chatting to the most?

Tess "Will Smith was a total thrill!"
Brian "I liked meeting Mike Myers - he was really nice. So was Liv Tyler, from The Lord of The Rings."

And who haven't you got on with?

Tess "Hugh Grant! He just couldn't be bothered. I always thought he was charming, but his natural charm didn't show through that day! I've gone off him now."
Brian "Absolutely"

We've got a message for you both from Blazin' Squad. Kenzie says, 'Say hi to Tess for me' and all the boys think Brian's really funny!

Brian "They're gaging for Ms Daly!"
Tess " Aaah, Kenzie! He's the heartthrob of the band too!"
Brian "They're always up for it on the show - all the girls love them!"

So whose made the barmiest backstage demands on SM:tv?

Brian "Certain people come on the show who are quite demanding and they know who they are! [whispers to Tess!] And certain people come on and don't take part that much!"

Ooh, do tell all!

Brian "Well, in the past some pop stars haven't taken joined in the sketches. I mean, if Robbie Williams can muck in and Britney can do the Postbag Dance, then so can they! I think it's a bit rude when they don't - that's just my opinion."

C'mon then, have you ever fancied the same guest on a show?

Brian "Her fiancé! [T4's Vernon Kay] We thought Jonathan Wilkes was a nice boy, too! We've never had a cat-fight over anyone, though - except Vernon. He will be mine.
Tess "Vernon loves Brian, but not in that way…"
Brian "Yes he does! [comedy bitchy] She'll never make it up the aisle!"

What bugs you about each other?

Tess "Brian's always trying to outdo me in the bronzing department!"
Brian "Tess always stays calm about everything. It really annoys me, 'cos I scream if I get in a bit of a flap!"

Do the two of you ever go around to each others' houses?

Tess "No, we mainly go to clubs and restaurants together. I've not been to Brian's!"
Brian "I know! But I am in the process of moving, so it's a bit hard at the moment. Tess and Vernon's apartment is gorgeous though - it's like a dream home and I'm more than a little bit jealous!"
Tess "Yeah, I've caught him trying to stuff things in his handbag!"
Brian "Tess, shut your face!"

What are you two like when you're out on the town together?

Tess "We never stop laughing from the minute we go out until the minute we go home! I just have to look at Brian and I start laughing. I think I'm actually laughing at him!"
Brian "That's fine -that's OK!"

Who gives the best fashion advice?

Tess "Brian gives me the best tips. He's got a good eye for clothes."
Brian "Yes, I am rather good for spotting a bargain and for telling Tess how to do her hair!"
Tess "He's always trying to get me to have my hair in a French pleat! I think he's got a thing for them."
Brian "Of course I have - I was an air steward for four years, wasn't I?! All the girls have them!"

So who's the leader out of you two?

Tess "Brian picks the club, but me and Vern will pick the restaurant."
Brian "That works best, because I know where to have a good dance!"

And who gets, er, tipsy first?

Brian "Tess!"
Tess "Well…it's only 'cos Brian's such a hardcore party animal."
Brian "I am, too - I do go a bit mad! I came out of Chinawhite once and kicked a bin bag on the street and then about 25 photographers just appeared from nowhere and took pictures. It looked like I was really mad, but I was more 'tired and emotional' than p***ed!

10 Jul 2003 by admin

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