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Since winning Big Brother Series 2 in 2001 Brian has never looked back - going on to become an established TV/Radio presenter, voice over artist, corporate host and Panto star. Still universally loved, Brian was voted 'The Nation's Favourite Big Brother Housemate Ever 'by the public in 2005 2007.' In 2010 Brian received the supreme accolade of being voted the fans No1 housemate in C4's last series "Ultimate Big Brother".

Brian would like to thank everyone for their unconditional support over the years, saying he has 'the most amazing and loyal fans in the world'.

» Brian Dowling - Tubridy Tonight RTÉ One 19.1.2008

Brian is a guest on 'Tubridy Tonight' chat show on RTÉ One tomorrow night at 9.50pm.

Other guests include Patrick Keilty and singer-songwriter Tom Baxter.

Commenting, host Tubridy said: "It's great to have Patrick and Brian on the show."

Brian will be chatting about his new series on RTÉ One "So You Want To Be Famous?" beginning on Thursday Jan 24th at 10.15pm-11-05pm.

You can catch up on Brian's appearance on the show shortly after it airs

18 Jan 2008 by christine

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» "So You Want to be Famous?" RTÉ One- presented by Brian Dowling

Brian is presenting "So You Want To Be Famous?" a three part documentary series to be aired on RTÉ One. The series gives an indepth look into the celebrity culture in Ireland.

The series starts on Thursday Jan 24th at 10.15pm-11-05pm on RTÉ One and runs for the 3 weeks.

From the RTE TV website:


So You Want to be Famous?

This intelligent, entertaining and revealing 3-part popular documentary series, from producers of ‘So You Want to be Taoiseach’, is the ultimate insiders’ guide to how to become a celebrity - Irish style. As reveleaded by arich blend of anecdotes, memories, revelations and personal experiences from the cast of A,B,C and Z list celebrities, the ‘has-beens’, ‘never were’s’, journalists and expert commentators can all help you on your way. They blow the whistle on some of the most bizarre journeys to celebrityhood, the decisions, scandals,tricks, stunts, rows, feuds, secret deals and extraordinary characters that colour the Irish social scene. This series is an informative, entertaining and sometimes biting assessment of celebrities and the world of celebrities in Ireland today.


16 Jan 2008 by christine

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» Brian Dowling to host The Golden Globe Awards from the L.A. red carpet.

Brian is to host the 65th Annual Golden Globe awards from the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA. The prestigious event takes place on an 13th January 2008, and will go out live on Sky One. Brian is co hosting the event with Jenni Falconer.

The Golden Globes will be seen in more than 150 countries worldwide and is one of the few awards ceremonies that span both television and motion picture achievements.

Nominations for the event are due to be announced on Dec13th.

Keep checking back with us for more details.

12 Dec 2007 by christine

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» Brian on Irish TV

Brian is becoming quite a regular on Irish TV.
He has now begun his weekly slot on the Seoige & O’Shea show on Rte 1.

Swap Shop 9.11.2007 Week 1
Brian was set the challenge of swapping a signed photo of Joe and Grainne the show’s presenters for something of greater value. For this assignment that will last up until Christmas, Brian will travel the length and breadth of Ireland, continually trading up the item he gets the previous week, hopefully ending with a grand prize that will be auctioned for charity.
His first swap was in Dublin City, where he swapped the signed photo for a €1000 digital camera.

Swap Shop 16.11.2007 Week 2
Week two and Brian was in Naas, Kildare. Here he managed to exchange the €100 digital camera for a weekend spa break at the Killashee House Hotel Naas, worth €1500.

Swap Shop 23.11.2007 Week 3
This week Brian was live in the studio to talk about how successful he has been so far with his swaps. They showed footage of his trip to Drogheda where he was able to swap his a weekend spa break at the Killashee House Hotel Naas, worth €1500 for a black ceramic watch with a value of €2750. In the coming weeks he is off to Belfast and Cork to do more swapping..

Later in the show he took part in ‘Talking Point’ of the day which was discussing a recent survey showing that an astonishing one third of Irish men having their own set of hair straighteners. . So they asked 'Was there anything wrong with men being vain?' Brian of course had plenty to say about the benefits of fake tans and using straighteners. Other member of the panel were journalist Miriam Lee, Declan Leavy of 'Social & Personal' and rugby player Shane Byrne, who was treated to a make over- tune in to see how he scrubbed up!

25 Nov 2007 by christine

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» Cirque- Backstage at the Big Top - Week 6. 16th November 2007

Brian talks first with Shane about having to leave the show on the Sunday through his injury and the vote for the two new celebrities Liam McGough from BB8 and Rebecca Loos who have joined the Circus. They both performed on the Sunday show but only one will actually join the Circus. Both talked to Brian about their first week on the show and Brian had a quick word with Liam’s fellow BB8 housemates who had come along to support him – Brian, Amanda, Sam and Ziggy, who all expected Liam to win the vote against Rebecca.

Also there was a change in the voting, now the Judges award 50% of the score for the celebrities. The backstage chat this week was with Anne-Claire Schofield – Head trainer for Cirque de Celebrite and an ex circus performer of 12 years. Talking about the discipline in the final week –The Wheel of Death, she went on to explain that she personally knew of 4 fatalities using the apparatus.

Helen from Sky Bets made her second appearance of the show to give the latest betting odds. Kyal and Stacey topping the board with Liam in third place, Rebecca was bottom.

Dressed in a bright red Lycra outfit with white flashes and a red cape Brian tried his hand at the Aeriel Straps. At first being helped by one of the trainers in an adagio Brian was flying through the air to the Superman theme, and even managed the straps on his own and began to really enjoy it.

Brian then spent some time in another Lycra outfit this time in purple a silver, chatting with choreographer Louie Spence about flexibility and fluidity. Louie demonstration how bedny he was and finally showing the viewers how Brian could wrap his legs around his neck, with the help of some false limbs for Brian.

Brian then sadly said goodbye to Dean Holdsworth who was eliminated from the show on the Sunday saying that everyone would miss him.

25 Nov 2007 by christine

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» Cirque- Backstage at the Big Top - Week 5. 9th November 2007

Tumbling into the show in silver Lycra head to toe. Brian started the show by chatting to one of the judges, choreographer and director Louie Spence. Wearing an over exaggerated copy of Louie’s trade mark Sunday show bow ties Brian asked Louie about his credentials for being a judge, and his views on the competition so far.

Brian’s next chat was with Shane about his recent injury and how his future on the show was in the balance after visiting a specialist. Will he recover from his injury in time for Sunday or will he have to walk away from the competition?

Time then for chats with Isabella and Stacey who talked about their disciplines for the weekend show. Brian’s foray into backstage at the Cirque this week was to visit Gilly Popham the make-up designer on the show. Gilly explained she did the hair and make-up for everyone who appeared on the show, saying the theme for the girls this time had been very Moulin Rouge with lots of elaborate eyelashes. Brian then complained that Luke had been given sparkly false eyelashes to wear but he had been refused, so she went on to explain that it was because Brian gets lots of close-ups on his show.

Brian’s discipline try-out this week was the Russian Swing before showing the footage he gave us a clue – “Carpet burns! Pink! Enjoy!” Wearing a shocking pink diamond studded one piece with a black stripe Brian made his first attempt at the swing. Really scared to jump after the swing had been set in motion he just flew off and landed head first off the mat. Take 2 saw him determined to jump but having gone forward not upwards he totally overshot the crash mat ending up face down on the floor. Take 3 was just slightly better still over shooting but he did get some height. It ended with a delightfully funny compilation of his attempts to “I Believe I Can Fly”.

Ritchie Neville who was eliminated the week before was Brian’s final interview on the show. Shocked to have been the person to leave he hoped that Luke would win the Final. However there was some important news at the end of the show. Two new contestants were joining the show and their identities would be revealed on the Sunday.

25 Nov 2007 by christine

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» Brian presents Cosmo Ultimate Lady of Film Award. 6.11.2007

Brian and his Cirque de Celebrite co-presenter Jenni Falconer presented the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Lady of Film Award to Cameron Diaz at the recent Ultimate Women of the Year Awards held at Cirque London on November 6.

The glittering evening was attended by a host of stars, and a video showing highlights from the night can be viewed on their website HERE .

Brian has also had a number of interviews published in magazines over the past few weeks -

Star magazine 22nd October 2007
Sunday World magazine Ireland. 4th November 2007
Daily Mail weekend magazine.10th November 2007
Reality Now magazine 11th November 2007
NEW magazine 12th November 2007

25 Nov 2007 by christine

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» Brian Snippets

Brian has also attended various events recently, pictures of which can be found online for…

The Sky Magazine launch on 25.9.2007 which he attended with Adele de Silva.

Also on the same night he attended the launch of Marco Pierre White's new Restaurant, in London with a number of his fellow celebrities from Hell’s Kitchen.

He also attended The Pink Ice Ball in aid of Breast Cancer Research UK, at The Waldorf Hilton Hotel on October 5th 2007 again with Adele.

Brian attended the National Television Awards on the 31st October 2007.

He also did a talking-head for Extreme: Celebrity Yo-Yo Diets on LivingTV which aired on the 10th Sept.

Brian was also a guest on This Morning and on the Lorraine Kelly Today show on the 17th Sept. Brian also has also been interviewed on various Radio shows post Hell’s Kitchen both here and in Ireland.

25 Nov 2007 by christine

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