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Since winning Big Brother Series 2 in 2001 Brian has never looked back - going on to become an established TV/Radio presenter, voice over artist, corporate host and Panto star. Still universally loved, Brian was voted 'The Nation's Favourite Big Brother Housemate Ever 'by the public in 2005 2007.' In 2010 Brian received the supreme accolade of being voted the fans No1 housemate in C4's last series "Ultimate Big Brother".

Brian would like to thank everyone for their unconditional support over the years, saying he has 'the most amazing and loyal fans in the world'.

» Brian thanks his Fáilte Towers supporters.

Let me just say a huge huge huge thank you to everyone who voted for me on the show. I had a fab time and met some cool people.
Coming second was amazing and I couldn't have done this, or indeed raised any money for my charity without you guys.
From the bottom of my heart thank you!  Brian xxx

28 Aug 2008 by christine

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Do not respond to a job application for a prospective presenter with Viva Television which shows Brian Dowling as the contact. This person has been using Brian's identity when replying to prospective presenters and is completely bogus.

Please note Brian has no connection whatsoever with this company.

24 Aug 2008 by christine

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» Fáilte Towers - Brian is runner-up

Well done to Brian for being runner-up on Fáilte Towers.

The voting is over and the winner of the show was John Creedon whose charity was Our Lady's Hospital Crumlin for sick children, a charity that was close to his heart as he lost his granddaughter at 8 weeks old and spent much of his time at the hospital during those weeks. All the charities must have benefited greatly from the hard work put in by all the celebrities these past two weeks they are all to be applauded..

Brian did brilliantly on the show, he was the one all rounder in there. He worked very hard, spending 8 of his days in the kitchen - he said he never got chance to work in the bar - was the consummate professional when manager, and running reception, but also added the ultimate ingredient necessary to make any reality TV show work, he was entertaining. It was lovely to watch the Brian we all came to love on Big Brother surface once again on a reality show.

The show however left a bitter taste on the final night, with many fans voicing their disgust at the lack of highlights or chat with Brian when he came out of the hotel in second place. The celebrities who came both 4th - Jennifer, and 3rd - Don all had a chat and their highlights shown on leaving the hotel. Brian was just hurried out of the door, and then it immediately went back to the winner John. After all his hard work on the show it did seem that he was denied any moment of glory, and his fans denied the chance to enjoy his second place victory.

However, Brian is our champion and we salute him, he did a wonderful job of raising money for his charity The Make a Wish Foundation and to come second when his profile in Ireland is nowhere near as high as many of his fellow celebrities was a real achievement. Hopefully this show will bring him a whole new legion of fans.

I am sure that Brian will want to thank everyone who voted for him when he returns home gets a much needed rest.


18 Aug 2008 by christine

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» Brian in Final of Fáilte Towers

on reaching the final of Fáilte Towers.

Tonight Brian reached the final of the show. Both Brian and John go through with the highest votes, with Michelle, Don and Jennifer in the bottom three. Don was saved with the mercy card, and Jennifer won the vote, leaving Michelle to check out of Fáilte Towers.
During her leaving interview Michelle championed for Brian to win.

If you haven't picked up the phone so far now is the time to do it, as it is believed that the voting is very close between the top few.
Let's make Brian's wish come true to be a winner once again by voting for him. The lines are open now and will close during the show on Sunday night 17th Aug, so please call.


ROI Call: 1513 71 71 12 or
Text VOTE12 TO 53125
NI/UK call 09016 565 812

Please remember you can vote for Brian from the UK by ringing the Northern Ireland number.

17 Aug 2008 by christine

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» Make Brian's wish come true.

Day 12

Congratulations to Brian for getting through to the semi final of the show on Saturday evening. The show on Wednesday evening was very reminiscent of Big Brother as Fáilte Towers had a special delivery of some live chickens. Brian and Don were asked to collect the new delivery, and with Brian not having a clue as to what awaited him, he was shocked at the sight that greeted him, a field with dozens of  chickens running and flapping around. Brian told Don of the fear he had of birds, their flapping wings and claws. I know most Brian fans will have heard him relate on a number of occasions his pigeon story, so know the fear he has of birds.  Knowing Brian's fear Don chased him around Fáilte Towers with one of the chickens, reminiscent of a Benny Hill sketch, eventually trapping him in the dining room. At which point Brian threw himself to the floor dragging down Jennifer with him as protection.  Don proceeded to stand the chicken on Brian's head, there was much squealing, and breathlessness from Brian until Jennifer told Don enough was enough. On getting up from the floor Brian told Jennifer that it was the claws he disliked, as they reminded him of Jurassic Park.
That wasn't the end of it for Brian as a few minutes later he was asked to remove one of the dreaded lobsters from the tank to be cooked. He bravely took on the task, and even though disliking the sea creature immensely, felt sorry that it was going to cooked and thought they should say some words before it met it's death in a pan of boiling water. After the lobster was cooked and dissected by Sean, Brian proclaimed he would never be able to feel the same watching The Little Mermaid.
Another highlight of the show on Wednesday was a massive row. Starting with Sean and John forcefully removing the crew from filming a tearful Michelle, Jennifer got embroiled into the row by saying that Michelle was just tired, Sean didn't agree with this and started to trade heated words with Jennifer. As it started to reach boiling point Brian intervened, saying that he thought that they shouldn't all be turning on one another.  Later in the show Michelle had a row with Don over how long he took over his breakfast, saying he should have been 5minutes but had taken 30minutes.
It was a shock to find Sean in the bottom three with Michelle and Jennifer, as each night he had constantly been the one sent back to work first. Michelle was saved by the mercy card from Derry and when it came to the vote Sean was the one sent home with Jennifer being the one sent back to work. 
Now it is coming to crunch time with the semi final on Saturday night 16th August. We know that Brian would love to be in the final not only for himself as he always gives 100% to everything that is thrown at him, but mainly because the longer he stays the more he earns for his charity The Make a Wish Foundation Ireland.
Please keep the votes rolling in for Brian so that he makes it to the Final on Sunday.

ROI Call: 1513 71 71 12 or

Text VOTE12 TO 53125

NI/UK call 09016 565 812

Please remember you can vote for Brian from the UK by ringing the Northern Ireland number.

14 Aug 2008 by christine

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» Brian in the bottom 3 tonight! Please Vote!

Day 11
It was a shock to find Brian in the bottom three for votes tonight along with Michelle Heaton and Donna & Joe. The three of them heading into the Oliver Plunkett room to face the judges.
Giving an overall view of the bottom three judge Sammy Leslie said that they were all working hard and had reached a stage where it was difficult for the judges to start picking them off one by one. Judge Derry Clarke said this was a night he dreaded as he had 4 people in from of him who he wanted to stay. To Brian he said 'the first day you arrived you got stuck into it, you haven't moaned, groaned or complained and everything you have done you have done really well.' Bibi Baskin said 'Brian I just can't believe you are here.'
It was then the time for the celebrities to plead their case. Brian said .."I don't really know what to say. I have had a great time,  I think I have done really well. We had the fake wedding as manager I thought I handled that fantastically I think..I was head chef for two days with no complaints and I am head chef again today.I am really enjoying it, I have had a great time, and if I have to go then I'll have no problem."
It was then passed to Sammy to hand out the mercy vote to the person she thought should go back to work.  She said 'I am in this lucky position of having to save someone and it is a tough call, but this one person to me could actually go quite far in business if they wanted to, and to make their wish come true the person I am saving tonight is going to be Brian.' Brian looked shocked and said 'Oh good god! Thank you so much! Oh God! Thank you!' and with that he returned to work. Derry opted to check out Donna and Joe Sammy opted for Michelle to go and Bibi with her deciding vote and voted out Donna and Joe.
The next eviction is on Wednesday night 13th August and Brian really does need your votes to take him out of the bottom three to allow him to continue until the weekend..

ROI Call: 1513 71 71 12 or

Text VOTE12 TO 53125

NI/UK call 09016 565 812

Please remember you can vote for Brian from the UK by ringing the Northern Ireland number.

13 Aug 2008 by christine

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» Support Brian and his Charity!

Well done to Brian! He has survived a week in Fáilte Towers where he has worked in the bar, kitchen, reception and spent 2 days as manager. He has been professional, diligent, compassionate and above all entertaining throughout the whole week. By doing this Brian has raised valuable funds for his charity The Make A Wish Foundation Ireland, a charity that has one aim to grant the wishes of children aged between 3 and 18 years living with a life-threatening illness. The charity enables children who are granted wishes to have a dream come true that they can share with their close family, a day that will long live in the memory of all the family. By voting for Brian in Fáilte Towers you are helping to give these very special children a magical experience by granting their wish.
Here are the numbers to ring or text.

ROI Call: 1513 71 71 12 or

Text VOTE12 TO 53125

NI/UK call 09016 565 812

Day 7/8

New manager of Fáilte Towers Brian had the unenviable task of choosing 3 people to send for a day of pampering to a luxury hotel. He was given the option to take up one of the places himself but said as manager he thought he should stay, and sent Don, Jennifer and Evelyn for a chance to recuperate and have a day spent in luxury. With the remainder of the staff having a day off from work Brian, Donna, Michelle and Joe head for the village, calling at the bookmakers to check on their betting odds, calling at the local supermarket, where Brian offered to man the till for them, and finally stopping off at the local pub.

The next day it was back to work, and it was a very busy day looming for Brian with a wedding to co-ordinate, which he did very efficiently with the help of his staff.  However there was a small mishap when Joe accidentally spilling a glass of red wine on the bride's dress. Brian informed the bride and her mother that Michelle had kindly offered the bride the loan of one of her dresses for the remainder of the evening, whereupon the brides mother declined saying she didn't want her daughter wearing a slapperish dress. Brian was indignant at this remark and politely but forcefully told the mother he wouldn't have one of his staff spoken about in that way. However all was revealed the following morning when the celebrities realised it wasn't a real wedding but a fake one with actors and actresses. One of the celebrities Evelyn didn't take kindly to the duplicity and down tools refusing to serve breakfast to the guests, so other members of the staff took over the role.

In the bottom three were Michelle, Donna and Joe and Patricia.  Donna and Joe were saved with the wild card, and Michelle saved in the vote with Patricia leaving.


Day 9/10

Brian's second day as manager brought the shock of  judge Derry checking in for the night. Everyone was on alert and fortunately he didn't seem to be able to find any fault with the accommodation offered. Later Brian was dealing with a difficult customer in the dining room who was constantly finding fault with the food he ordered. Michelle was getting stressed in the kitchen and threatened to leave when a salmon cake mixture disappeared. It was then revealed that the difficult customer was in fact Michelle's boyfriend. Brian led a very worried and unaware Michelle to the restaurant to meet who she thought was an angry diner to find her boyfriend there to give her a hug.

In the celebrity lounge they found they had some new guests, two tanks of lobsters. Sean thought it was fun to remove one of the live lobsters and chase Brian around the room eventually putting the fishing smelling creature on Brian's head much to his disgust.

At 2.30am there was another surprise for the guest with the fire alarm going off, supposedly set off by one young male guest. Brian was however very perturbed when they were all assembled and told the reason for the alarm, as nobody had listened to him saying that there was a child in one of the rooms that could have been very scared.

It was announced the following day that there would be a new manager helping out, much to the disappointment of Jennifer and Brian it wasn't a hunky new man but judge Gerry who was going to take over the role. After a dispute with John over the servicing of a room there was a staff meeting called where John, Gerry and once again Don had words, at the end it was announced that Evelyn would take over as manager next.

In the bottom three for voting were Don, Evelyn and Jennifer, after pleading their case, which found Don on his knees begging to be kept on the show, Jennifer was saved with the wild card. Finally with 2 votes to one Evelyn was the one to leave.

Lines are open again for voting with the next person leaving on the show on Tuesday evening 12th Aug.


12 Aug 2008 by christine

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» Receptionist Brian

Show 4 Day 6
Brian again spent the day running reception. He was greeted by a rush of guests arriving early with very few rooms ready for occupancy. The first were a middle aged couple, fortunately their room was ready. However on showing them to their room they said they were disappointed in the size of the bed. Brian tried to convince them that it was actually a double but as his words didn't work, he proceeded to show them by lying on the bed with the wife more than eager to join him. Not to be left out the husband then jumped on the bed for what looked like a three in a bed romp with the wife pinning Brian to the bed, however he was saved by the bell literally, with new guest pinging the one in reception. The guests arrived thick and fast with Brian having to use his skills to placate them while he calmly yet industriously searched for rooms that were ready. The final guest to check in was quite a shock as it was a hotel inspector coming to stay for 24hours, Brian did ask joking if he could be bribed but it was to no avail
Day 6 was a day of tears and rows with Brian showing a great deal of compassion and support to his fellow celebs. First there were tears from Michelle over a comment made by Liz, then both Joe and Donna had tearful moments about having to work in the kitchen. However these paled in comparison to the row that occurred between Don who was manager for the day, and the male judge Derry Clarke, over refusing to provide lunches for the guests. Things started to get out of control between the two and Brian was seen restraining Don, trying to calm him down.
The food preparation seems to be a huge issue with the celebrities and when a change of menu happened Joe went to Brian for some guidance as to how it could be implemented, however the kitchen still struggled with the dinner service.
It was once again an anxious time watching who was going back to work and who was going to face the judges. You could see how anxious Brian was holding his stomach while the names were called, but once again Brian was sent back to work. The bottom three this time were a very tearful Jennifer for the third night running, Don and Liz. Jennifer was saved with the wild card, but both Don and Liz had words once again with the judges. Much to his surprise after the events of the day Don was given the vote to go back to work and Liz left the show.
The voting lines are open again and the next show and eviction are on Saturday Aug 9th.

08 Aug 2008 by christine

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