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How much involvement does Brian have with the website? Brian has been very supportive of the site since it began in February 2003. In March 2005 he decided to show his appreciation by making us his official website. We are in contact with Brian and receive updates, press releases and general information. Brian is at the moment in the process of changing agents, therefore any requests for signed pictures, or industry contact etc should be sent to Brian via ...

Simon Jones
Hackford Jones PR
First Floor
32 Berwick Street


Who runs the site? The admin team at Absolutely Brian consists of Christine, and Nora. With special thanks going to Helen for her screenshots. A few of our more senior members also provide help and support, although they prefer to remain in the background. We would also like to give our huge thanks and appreciation to Joe, who spent 3 years designing and maintaining the website for us. He was with us from the inception of the site and the design you are seeing today was his farewell swansong to Absolutely Brian. We will be forever in his debt for all the work he did, but wish him every success in his future career. He will always remain a close and valued friend of ours, and the site.

Who do I contact if I am unhappy about anything on the site? You can email any of the admin team by using the contact@briandowling.biz. There is also a feedback section on the forum where you can post any queries under "Site Stuff" and "Your Views".

Does Brian have any work lined up at the moment? All the latest news of Brian's TV and radio work can be found in our forums or on the news section of the homepage.

Does Brian keep in touch with any of his former housemates? Brian has recently stated that he keeps in touch with Narinder. In the gallery we have some exclusive photos from the BB2 Reunion, and a few of Brian and Josh together. We are unsure how often he sees or speaks to anyone else from BB2.

Where does Brian live? Brian lives in London, somewhere in Clapham. We respect his privacy, so even if we knew (which we don't!) we wouldn't say.


The biggest thanks to Brian - Our Heart! Our Soul! Our Inspiration! Brian just being Brian - what better subject could we have to run a website for.

Huge thanks to Simon Jones, Brian's Publicist and our Guardian Angel - always there for us with information, he is an absolute diamond.

Massive thanks to Joe our longstanding friend (((big hugs))) and webmaster extraordinaire, without him you would not be viewing this site and we at admin would all be tearing our hair out in frustration.

Sadly through pressure of work he is having to hand over the reins of his design work on Absolutely Brian shortly into the very capable hands of James, but we are sure will continue to make his presence felt on the forums. Our undying gratitude goes to Joe for the past 3 years.

To James goes our thanks for taking us under his wing, keeping the site updated and maintained. Does he realise what he is taking on!!

To Helen for her unstinting devotion in maintaining the gallery for us with her brilliant screenshots and to Steve for finding so many pictures of Brian for us.

To our forum moderators current and past for doing such sterling work for us Rach(BestBriFaneva), Ruth and Sue.

For Press Releases, Photo's and Info our thanks go to - Jessica at Flextech, Lucy at PFD, Simon at The Variety Club, Anna at Radio1, Aidie at the Kremlin Belfast, Harrods, Conor McAnally, Sasha & Maria all at SM:tv, Sky Active, Gordon at Ray of Light, and the numerous other individuals who have all happily given us help, even before we became official.

To Paulwj, Kay, Tracey, Andy and anyone who we have become close friends with because of our love of BB2, these people supported and encouraged us to set up our own Brian website, and gave us the belief in ourselves that we could make a success of it. Many many thanks..look where we are now!

To our chat buddies on msn who are there with us through our 'ups and downs', many of whom we chat to on a daily basis and we have become very close friends though following Brian, especially Sharon, Catherine, Sarah Jane, Nic, Rachb, Spud, Jo, Steve, Aaron, Rebecca, Tom, Val, Cameron and everyone mentioned in previous thanks. I am sure you all know how much your friendship is appreciated.

Our thanks also to the numerous ex BB housemates who have given us quotes for the website, you are all very generous.

Finally to our long suffering husbands who put up with our devotion to Absolutely Brian and Brian. They know how much we love them.

Our apologies to anyone we have inadvertantly forgotten from the above, but our sincere thanks goes to you too.

Big hugs and kisses to you all! xxxx


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