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Brian began his regular showbiz slot on the Vernon Kay show in October 2004, although the first few weeks didn't quite go according to plan due to the birth of Vernon and Tess's daughter Phoebe. Just as it seemed we were destined never to hear the fabulous double act, Vernon escaped nappy duties and was back at work, meaning Brian could at last join him for some Saturday morning banter.

Brian has proved a much-loved addition to the show, reflected in the large number of texts Vernon receives about him each week, and despite his frequent declarations that Brian knows nothing about the world of showbiz that isn't gleaned from the pages of Heat magazine, we have been treated to some very juicy celebrity gossip.

The friendship between the two is heart-warmingly genuine - only true friends could insult each other the way they do and get away with it!

Although the spot is primarily for showbiz gossip, it's also a great opportunity to catch up with all the latest goings on in the Life of Brian himself. From boozy birthday weekends to plumbing disasters and broken romances, we get a little glimpse into Brian's world each week, all delivered in that unmistakeable husky Irish brogue.


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